Cast and Character Guide for the Animated Film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”

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2018 was one of the most successful years for movies based on Marvel Comics, with films such as Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War being released and achieving unparalleled success at the box office. The same year that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released, we witnessed the beginning of yet another incredibly popular and beloved franchise that was nonetheless unique. When the animated feature debuted on the big screen, many people were taken aback by how it took everything we thought we knew about superhero films and twisted it on its head. The movie stood out above other superhero movies thanks to its original approach, distinct style, and genuine emotional core. It is justly recognized as one of the best Spider-Man movies and one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, leading us to its much-awaited sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which will be released in 2023.

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We have only just begun to scratch the surface of the Multiverse, a massive expanse. However, this will not be the case after the film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is released in theaters on June 2, 2023. The original release date of April 2022 was pushed back owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. While Across the Spider-Verse will introduce new universes and new spiders, it will also contain new and returning characters. However, much like the first movie, Miles Morales will continue to be the primary focus of the sequel. Continue reading to learn more about the much-anticipated animated superhero movie and determine who plays which roles.

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Shameik Moore as Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Shameik Moore, who plays Miles Morales, is one of the most well-liked characters in The Spider-Verse and all of Marvel in general. He will be reprising his role as Miles Morales in the second film, seeing him return to continue his adventure after assuming the mantle of Spider-Man in the first movie. In a previous episode, we were introduced to Miles Morales and witnessed his evolution from an average student into the Spider-Man we all admire and respect. In the first movie, we witnessed Miles’ victory over Kingpin. With that, he kept the world from being sucked into the Multiverse. However, this was a temporary victory, given that the concept of the Multiverse will play a significant role in the next chapter. Because Miles’s Uncle Aaron’s death played a significant role in the storyline of the preceding film, it only makes sense that in Across the Spider-Verse, he will continue to deal with his grief while also partaking in new adventures, prevailing over a variety of adversaries while remaining steadfast in what he considers to be the morally correct course of action.

Shameik Moore is a well-known actor who has established a career in both film and television. He is known for his versatility. His breakout performance as Malcolm in the independent film Dope (2015) brought him widespread recognition for the first time. His innate ability as an actor was displayed brilliantly in this coming-of-age comedy-drama. Moore also acted in the romance drama The Pretenders (2018) and the crime thriller Cut Throat City (2020), in which he played the role of Blink, a struggling artist who turned to crime to support his family in post-Hurricane New Orleans. David E. Talbert directed both of these films. He was also a cast member in the sketch comedy series Incredible Crew, which aired on Cartoon Network, and he had a noteworthy part as Shaolin Fantastic in the sitcom The Get Down, streamed on Netflix.

Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman / Ghost-Spider

In the first film, “Into the Spider-Verse,” Hailee Steinfeld played Spider-Woman/Ghost Spider. She did an amazing job in both roles, that the studio decided to bring her back for the sequel. Gwen Stacy made her first appearance on the big screen for the first time in the first Spider-Verse film. On Earth-65, she lives in a universe in which Peter Parker does not grow up to become Spider-Man. Despite this, Gwen receives a bite from a radioactive spider, which causes her to transform into a superhero. She shares many of Peter’s qualities and challenges, in addition to his talents and abilities, which include improved strength, speed, agility, spider-sense, and the ability to climb walls. She also possesses many of Peter’s abilities. In the movie “Into the Spider-Verse,” she played the role of a middleman between Peter B. Parker and Miles Morales, exhibiting a degree of fearlessness that Miles is immensely inspired by and aspires to reach himself.

The young actress Hailee Steinfeld began her career when she was just 10 years old. At 14, she was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Mattie Ross in the Western drama True Grit (2010), which the Coen Brothers directed. This part was the beginning of her rise to fame. Since then, Steinfeld has demonstrated her versatility as an actress by starring in many films. She had starring roles in the romantic comedy The Edge of Seventeen (2016), the musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 (2017), and the action movie Bumblebee (2018), which is the sixth episode in the Transformers film franchise. In addition to her work in films, she also starred in the comedy series Dickinson, produced by Apple TV+ and based on the life of the American poet Emily Dickinson. The performing ability of Hailee Steinfeld is not limited to acting alone. She has been nominated for and won many prizes for her music, including the Billboard Music Award for Top Covered Artist in 2017 for her song “Most Girls.” She has also created many hit-pop tunes. In the Marvel universe, Steinfeld is famous for her role as Kate Bishop in the television series Hawkeye, which debuted in 2021.

Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man

Peter B. Parker, better known as Spider-Man, will again be portrayed by Jake Johnson, who will reprise his role. In the first movie, Peter B. Parker unexpectedly entered Miles’ life, and many people were taken aback by his worn-out appearance because of his life as a vigilante and a superhero. This was a surprising revelation for many people. The experience of being drawn into a parallel universe and working with Miles gave Peter a new perspective on life. Before this, Peter had never contemplated the possibility of becoming a mentor. Throughout the movie, he evolves into a grumpy and goofy mentor figure for him, all while attempting to work through a personal crisis of his own. The follow-up only reveals some of Peter B. Parker’s circumstances. Thus it remains a mystery. However, the previous movie gave him a new purpose and an optimistic outlook, which led him to take the initial steps necessary to rebuild his relationship with Mary Jane Watson (Zoe Kravitz), who played a role in the previous film. Peter’s reentry will likely involve him instructing the young heroes even more as he learns to manage his personal and vigilante life with his newborn Spider baby ready to swing along. Given his role as a mentor to Miles, this is likely the case, given that Peter will return.

He is most known for his part as Nick Miller in the hit television series New Girl (2011-2018), in which he displayed his skill for comedic timing and portraying approachable people. Jake Johnson is best known for this role. In addition, he had a role in the comedy film Tag (2018), which follows a group of friends who had spent one month out of every year playing the game of tag since they were children. In addition to his acting career, Johnson has contributed to the entertainment industry as a writer and producer. In the movie Win It All (2017), which he helped co-create and produce, the protagonist is a low-stakes gambler who struggles to control his impulse to wager everything on a single hand. In addition to playing the lead role in the animated television series Hoops (2020), he also serves as an executive producer for the show. Hoops will premiere in 2020.

Oscar Isaac as Miguel O’Hara / Spider-Man 2099

Oscar Isaac voices the role of Miguel O’Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099. His existence in the film was established when he appeared in the credit sequence for “Into the Spider-Verse.” Miguel is a genius in genetics, but his bosses and research colleagues have betrayed him. As a consequence of this, he wound up possessing fifty percent of the spider’s D.N.A. He became the Spider-Man of his day, and an artificial intelligence program named Lyla, also included in the credit scene, helped him on his quests. In Spider-Verse, he discovered the Multiverse, and he plans to employ Lyla’s invention of a watch that can hop between realities to study it more organized. As depicted in the teaser that was only recently made available, O’Hara is a no-nonsense law enforcer who is usually angry and serves as the leader of the Spider-force. O’Hara’s history has influenced him to think that the results are more important than the process, which puts him in direct opposition to Miles.

Oscar Isaac was originally recognized for his appearances in the films Drive (2011) and Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), in which he displayed his knack for subtle and complicated portrayals. The Drive was released in 2011. Inside Llewyn Davis was released in 2013. Since then, Isaac’s career has taken off, and he has starred in many significant roles in critically acclaimed films. In the Star Wars sequel trilogy, he portrayed Poe Dameron, bringing his innate charisma and charming demeanor to the much-loved property in which he had previously worked. Isaac also played the role of Nathan Bateman, a computer millionaire who develops a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, in the science fiction thriller Ex Machina (2014). This role was another one of Isaac’s acting credits. In addition to his work in films, Isaac has established a reputation for himself through many remarkable appearances on television. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Moon Knight (2022), he played the titular superhero, a man with dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) who is an avatar of the Egyptian moon deity Khonshu. He also starred in the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero (2015), which aired in 2015. In all of these roles, he was a standout performer.

Issa Rae as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman

Issa Rae voices the role of Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, in the upcoming animated feature Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The character first appeared in her self-titled animated television series, which aired from 1979 to 1980. The only things that Jessica Drew and Spider-Man have in common are a piece of their names and some of their powers, but that’s about it. She is not connected to Peter Parker, and a radioactive spider did not bite her. Yet, it is interesting to note that she can fly. Because of the character’s extensive background within the pages of comic books, there are even more aspects of Spider-Woman that are known exclusively to people who read comic books. However, the fact that she appears in the movie will lead to a resurgence in her popularity. Even though we only got a brief glimpse of this Spider-Woman in the most recent teaser, we can anticipate that she will be a part of the Spider-team that fights to protect the Multiverse. Regarding her appearance, the extraordinary animation technique used in Spider-verse will undoubtedly bring out the hero’s individuality in a distinctive way.

Issa Rae first came to the public’s attention for her work on the web comedy Awkward Black Girl, hosted on YouTube. She is also well known for the critically acclaimed HBO series “Insecure,” which she created, wrote, produced, and starred in from 2016-2021. The show was lauded for its authentic depiction of black culture. It was applauded for its examination of the complexity of modern relationships. In addition to her work on “Insecure,” Rae has also delivered standout performances in various movies. She had starring roles in the comedic fantasy film Little (2019), the romantic drama The Photograph (2020), and the action-comedy thriller Vengeance (2022).

Daniel Kaluuya as Hobart “Hobie” Brown / Spider-Punk

Daniel Kaluuya is set to take on the role of Hobie Brown, a punk rock variation of Spider-Man, in the upcoming animated series. Spider-Punk is a hero that appears in Marvel Comics. His debut appeared in issue #10 of The Amazing Spider-Man, published in January 2015. Hobie is a homeless youngster who lives in New York City on Earth-138. He was converted into a spider by a spider exposed to radiation during President Norman Osborn’s toxic waste dump. In his civilian life, Hobie is a homeless youth. He adopts a punk rock aesthetic when he becomes Spider-Man, and he employs both his musical talents and his spider-like abilities to lead the oppressed people of New York City in their fight against Norman Osborn’s V.E.N.O.M. troops.

Daniel Kaluuya has had a very successful acting career since the turn of the millennium. Get Out, a horror film directed by Jordan Peele, allowed Kaluuya to act in it in 2017. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actor category for this performance. It was Kaluuya’s most memorable part to that point. After that, leading parts in films such as Black Panther (2018), directed by Ryan Coogler, and Widows (2018), directed by Steve McQueen. And most recently, Nope (2022), another horror thriller directed by Jordan Peele, followed. In addition to this, it is noteworthy that he was awarded both the BAFTA and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton in the film Judas and the Black Messiah (2021).

Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ohnn / The Spot

Jason Schwartzman plays the character of the supervillain known as The Spot, who first appeared in comic books in the 1980s and has since established himself as a legendary (though unsuccessful) adversary of both Spider-Man and Daredevil. The Spot made his comic book debut in the 1980s. The initial incarnation of The Spot was a research scientist by the name of Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, who worked for Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin. However, many of his adversaries need a better idea of who he is because of his secret identity. Because he can construct portals that may transport parts of his body through another domain, he is considered an extremely deadly opponent. This gives him the capacity to attack people in ways that they are not expecting. Fighting the Spot is challenging because many of these portals reveal themselves on his body as spots. The initial encounter between Miles and The Spot demonstrates that even the most menacing foes can have a comic side, as demonstrated in the teaser by the exchange between Miles and The Spot.

Jason Schwartzman’s work in partnership with director Wes Anderson has brought him the most recognition over his lengthy career in the industry. In the coming-of-age picture directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and released in 1998, Schwartzman debuted as Max Fischer. After that, he went on to make appearances in a total of six further Wes Anderson films, including The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Isle of Dogs (2018), The French Dispatch (2021), and the upcoming Asteroid City (2023). Aside from those films, he is best known for his noteworthy recurring parts on the HBO series Bored to Death (2009-2011) and the crime series Fargo (2015), which examines various crimes and misdeeds in the Midwest. Both of these series ran from 2009 to 2015. In addition to his job in the acting industry, he has also released solo music under the moniker Coconut Records and previously served as the drummer for the band Phantom Planet.

Other cast members include Karan Soni as Pavitr Prabhakar / Spider-Man India, an Indian version of Spider-Man from an alternate universe who is a member of the Spider-Force, and Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis, a police officer and Miles’s father, who at first opposed Spider-Man’s vigilante deeds but now admires him as a hero. Both of these characters are from the Spider-Verse. Shea Whigham appears as George Stacy, Gwen’s father and a police captain, and Luna Lauren Vélez plays the role of Rio Morales, Miles’s mother. Jorma Taccone provides the voice of the bird-themed supervillain Vulture, and Greta Lee provides the voice of Miguel’s artificial intelligence assistant Lyla. There are also a large number of additional new spiders that make an appearance in the movie. These new spiders include Andy Samberg as Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider, Amandla Stenberg as Margo Kess/Spider-Byte, Taran Killam as Cyborg Spider-Woman and Patrick O’Hara/Web-Slinger, and Mike Rianda as Spider-Therapist, amongst a great many others.

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