It Appears That There Will Be Additional HI-FI Rush Content Since New Achievements Have Been Added Online

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A fresh update to SteamDB has resulted in 10 new Hi-Fi Rush achievements, leading one to believe that a new downloadable content pack is on the way.

New HI-FI Rush Achievements Appear Online, Suggesting DLC Is Co ming_

The recent modification to the achievements gives the impression that an important announcement is about to be made, which will likely take place on June 11 during this year’s Xbox Showcase.

The creator of Hi-Fi Rush, Tango Gameworks, has yet to announce the addition of DLC to the game officially.

In response to assertions that the game “didn’t make the money it needed to make,” Aaron Greenberg, who is in charge of Xbox Games Marketing, has issued a brief comment in which he says, “Hi-“Fi RUSH was an unexpectedly big success for both our athletes and for us in terms of all of the important measurements and expectations. With this unexpected release, the Tango Gameworks team has exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with their work.

New HI-FI Rush Achievements Appear Online, Suggesting DLC Is Co ming_

As of March 1, Bethesda reported that the game had amassed two million players. Late in February, the director of the game, John Johanas, stated that the video game had garnered 10,000 reviews on Steam after it had been available for about a month.

Upon its first release, the video game garnered reviews from critics that were, for the most part, positive. These reviews praised the game’s visual aesthetic, art direction, humor, characters, and combat. On the other hand, some people commented on its repetitive nature, its level design, and its restricted music.

Will you take the time to check out the new Hi-Fi Rush downloadable content?

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