Prepare to Enter a New World: The Much-Anticipated Final Fantasy Release Date is Just Around the Corner!

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FF7 Rebirth is on the right track

Final Fantasy VII fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the upcoming title, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, since its first trailer was released almost a year ago. Finally, Square Enix has shared some updates on the game’s development.

The game follows Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was released in 2020. It is being overhauled and given a new cut to make it worthy of its place in the Final Fantasy canon. FF7 Rebirth is the second part of the game, with a third and final opus to follow in the years to come.

For now, Square Enix is focusing on the release of Final Fantasy XVI, which is scheduled for the end of the month. However, FF7 Rebirth is planned for release this year, with news expected very soon.

A release date revealed this month?

After a year of no news, Square Enix has shared a concise press release with fans to let them know that development of FF7 Rebirth is “going quietly.” Producer Yoshinori Kitase has promised that a release date will be revealed soon.

Fans are excited for a possible reveal of the game’s release date during the upcoming Summer Game Fest, which kicks off on June 8. However, Square Enix is primarily focusing on the release of FF16, so it may be safer for them to wait until that title is released before announcing the release date for Rebirth.

Final Thoughts

The announcement of any Final Fantasy game is always exciting news for longtime fans, and FF7 Rebirth is no exception. Despite the lack of information thus far, fans are eagerly anticipating any information about the game and its release date.

Square Enix has a knack for offering visually stunning games with immersive gameplay, and fans are confident that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue this tradition. The game’s release will surely see many players immersed in hours of engaging gameplay and an even more immersive story. Keep an eye out for further announcements in the upcoming months!

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