Cooking Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

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Cooking is one component that remains the same as the original game, even though Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel that seeks to improve upon many facets of the original game. Cooking in Tears of the Kingdom is mostly the same as in other games, with the addition of one useful ingredient. Suppose you’ve already experienced Breath of the Wild. In that case, it’s important to note that the next Zelda game doesn’t fundamentally alter the gameplay. In addition, restoring hearts and acquiring buffs might be simplified for new players. This is a walkthrough for the Cooking skill in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Cooking Guide for The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom_

How to Cook

Cooking in Tears of the Kingdom can be done in one of two ways, according to the game’s rules. Since all that is required to access the first one is a fire, players will likely discover it first. You can bring up the menu on the Switch by pressing the + button, and then you can use your bumpers to navigate to the materials tab. A should be used to choose the component, and then hold should be chosen. The Link has a storage capacity of up to five objects at once. When you finish making your items selections, you can exit the menu by pressing the B key. By pressing the A button, Link can throw the things down onto the ground. It will seem like a circle, with an arrow in the middle to help you aim them. First, ensure they will land on the fire, and then give them space to rest while they cook. You will receive roasted items using this method. You’ll need a real cooking pot, which can be purchased anywhere in the world, to prepare more elaborate meals.

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Once you have gathered the ingredients that the menu will ask you to add to the pot, all that is required is to approach it and push the A button when the choice shows “cook” rather than the white drop radius. Preparing a meal in this manner will restore a greater number of hearts. It may also confer additional effects, such as protection from the cold, faster boats, and other benefits. In addition, Tears of the Kingdom includes a recipe book, which can be viewed by choosing an item from the menu and then clicking the button labeled “select for the recipe.” The recipe details each previously prepared meal that featured the ingredient in some capacity. This also displays the number of hearts that are restored and the number of full goods required. You may also use the letter A to immediately add the components to the links stockpile if you have all of the ingredients in your inventory at the same time!

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