Location Guide for Fuse in Dead Island 2

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In the game, Dead Island 2, fuses are necessary to unlock doors secured by electric mechanisms. At various points throughout the game, you’ll come across empty fuse boxes adjacent to locked doors at various locales. As an illustration, one close to the beginning of the evacuation path can be accessed through the side gate of Emma Jaunt’s estate in Bel-Air. Only by placing a fuse inside a fuse box is it possible to open the door next to the box. These doors cannot be opened because they do not have keys and cannot be damaged in any way. It is in your best interest to look for some fuses because you are certain to locate valuable loot behind the door of each fuse box. The following is a list of locations in Dead Island 2 where you can locate fuses for sale. If you are looking for them, good luck!

Location Guide for Fuse in Dead Island 2_

Instructions on How to Acquire Fuses in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you won’t be able to find any fuses among the loot. The Stock traders are the only people that sell fuses. Thus that is the only method to obtain some. Carlos, who can be found in Emma’s house next to the workbench, is the first trader to sell you fuses. You can purchase them from him. After you have finished the “Bel-Air Brawl” mission, he will show up at the beginning of the quest entitled “Call the Cavalry.” The price of each fuse is $1,500, and Carlos is selling both of them. It can seem like a lot of money to spend on just a fuse, but the treasures hidden behind those fuse box doors will make the purchase more than worthwhile. Suppose you are still interested in finding out where else in Dead Island 2 you may purchase fuses. In that case, you can also get them from the merchant Ezekiel at the coastguard station on Santa Monica Pier. You can find him there. Those are the only places for Dead Island 2 fuses discovered so far.

When you have a fuse, all you have to do to open a door on a fuse box is put the fuse in the empty fuse box. This is the only thing you need to do. The door will open on its own, allowing you to proceed and help yourself to whatever riches are available. However, exercise caution. These rooms with the fuse box loot almost always have zombies and occasionally have other dangers as well. The Zomproof Slayer Hoard container is hidden somewhere in the area and contains the best treasure available. This is typically a rare weapon, but it is unlikely to contain a pistol.

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