No Microtransactions in PS5’s Phantom Blade Zero, Confirms Developers

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Phantom Blade Zero Developer Confirms No Microtransactions in Game

S-Game, developer of Phantom Blade Zero, has confirmed that the upcoming game will not feature microtransactions. The studio aims to provide players with a complete experience and ensure the game is approachable while still incorporating some Souls-like elements.

No Monetisation Worries for Fans

During a Q&A on Discord, S-Game addressed concerns surrounding monetisation. Given the previous success of the series on mobile platforms, fans were worried that Phantom Blade Zero may feature microtransactions. However, S-Game responded by reassuring players that they will be paying for a complete experience without any gacha or microtransactions.

Approachable Gameplay with Souls-like Elements

The team behind Phantom Blade Zero is not looking to inject the same difficulty level associated with Dark Souls. However, the game will have some Souls-like elements while maintaining an approachable gameplay experience. Players will not need lightning reflexes or supersonic finger movements to find the fun in this game.

Hack-and-Slash Combat in Semi-Open World

Phantom Blade Zero’s combat is a hack-and-slash affair and takes place in a semi-open world. The game’s length is around 30-40 hours and will also include multiplayer dungeons.

Phantom Blade Zero Currently in Development for PS5

Unfortunately, S-Game has not given a release date for Phantom Blade Zero. The game is currently in development for the PlayStation 5 console and is highly anticipated among fans of Souls-like games and hack-and-slash combat.

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