Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Mother’ Becomes One of Netflix’s Biggest Blockbusters

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The Mother, a movie starring Jennifer Lopez, has become one of the most-watched movies on Netflix.

The movie, in which Lopez plays a former soldier/assassin being questioned by the F.B.I., is currently the eighth most-watched film on Netflix, with over 229.3 million viewing hours as of this writing.

The rankings are based on the first 28 days after the show’s premiere. The Mother still has time to pass The Adam Project and Extraction, which are currently sixth and seventh with 233 million and 231 million viewing hours, respectively.

The Mother was seen for an impressive 83.71 million hours in its first weekend, breaking the record for the most-watched movie in 2023.

Critics have also liked the movie. For example, Digital Spy called The Mother a “slick, if a little silly,” action thriller.

The review also said that Lopez was a good actor. It said, “The movie never takes itself too seriously and never tries to be anything other than what it is: an action thriller that gives Jennifer Lopez a chance to shine.”

“Lopez, who doesn’t get the acting credit she deserves very often, is watchable as the movie’s heart. She is smart, protective, and even cruel (she hits people with a fist wrapped in barbed wire!).

Lopez will be in the upcoming Prime Video movie Unstoppable with Jharrel Jerome. The movie tells the story of wrestler Anthony Robles and stars Lopez and Jerome.

But after two weeks of filming, the movie will not be finished because the Writer’s Guild of America is still on strike.

You can watch The Mother right now on Netflix.

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