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The Day Before Now Has A Release Date, As Well As A Trailer With A Lamborghini Theme

The Day Before Now Has A Release Date, As Well As A Trailer With A Lamborghini Them e_

Here we are again with The Day Before, with another release date in front of us!

It’s official: a new trailer for The Day Before has been out, and it appears to be showing what looks to be a knocked-off Lamborghini racing through the streets of what appears to be a knocked-off version of New York City. At the end of the trailer, there is a promise that something will occur on November 10th, even though it is brief, not sweet, and does not make sense.

And Will there be a Beta Version?

Shortly after the trailer publication that mentioned November 10th, a post was made to Twitter that suggested gamers will be allowed to access ‘the closed beta.’ This happened shortly after the trailer was released. That indicates there will certainly be one, but it is still being determined in what condition or when it will arrive.

The Day Before was first brought to light in 2021. Still, since then, it has been plagued by a legal conflict and the widespread perception that it is nothing more than vaporware, a term used to describe something that will remain in development indefinitely but will never be released.

In spite of this, representatives from Fntastic revealed in an interview with well-played.com that their attention had shifted away from the ongoing legal issue and is now focused squarely on the game’s development. A few weeks ago, The Day Before was no longer available on Steam; however, efforts are being made to bring the game back onto the platform.

During that interview, Fntastic made it quite apparent that it does not now possess the right to use the term The Day Before. Recently, a person on YouTube investigated the matter and then released a video in which they declared that Fntastic could only regain the rights of the name after the date originally planned for its release.

Who can say for sure what they should have faith in?

It was announced that The Day Before would take place in a place called “Fortune City,” that it would be focused on player-versus-player combat, that it would contain supercars, an employment system, side skills such as music and painting, and that it would have a subtext concerning the “potential danger of unchecked corporate power.” These revelations were more foolish than the previous ones.

Let’s hold off judgment until the 10th of November and see what unfolds.

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