Will Netflix’s Fake Profile Get a Second Season?

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Fake Profile has done what Netflix does best: it has been added to its streaming service with little or no fanfare and is slowly making its way into the top 10.

The erotic drama is about a woman named Camila who meets a man named Fernando on a dating app and starts a dreamy relationship with him. But it turns out he’s not quite what he seems to be. Ah, modern dating.

The Colombian show then gives viewers a series of surprises as Camilla tries to discover what’s going on with Fernando.

With recent hits like Obsession and Life, it’s clear that Netflix is starting to see a bit of a trend, and viewers are very much on board.

If you’ve already watched all of Fake Profile in one sitting, you may wonder if there will be a second season. Let’s discuss this.

Fake Profile Get a Second Season?

When this was written, there was yet to be an official word on whether or not Netflix would renew Fake Profile. The show came out on Netflix on May 31, so it’s unsurprising that we haven’t heard anything about whether it will be renewed.

The last episode left room for the story to go on, but it also wrapped up loose ends so that the show could stand on its own if Netflix didn’t pick it up again.

Fans will be glad there won’t be another unresolved cliffhanger (we’re looking at you, The Society).

We’re sure the final decision will depend on how many people watch and how many watch all 10 episodes.

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