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Here are some possible options: 1. Android 14 update: Google releases third beta version 2. Google unveils third beta of Android 14 update 3. Android 14 update progresses with Google’s third beta release 4. Third beta of Android 14 update now available from Google 5. Get a sneak peek at Android 14 with Google’s latest beta release

Google Announces Rollout of Android 14 Beta 3

Today, Google announced the rollout of the third beta version of the Android 14 update, which aims to support system stability. Google is proceeding according to the previously established schedule in rolling out the beta versions of the Android 14 update. This version is expected to feature better stability with more efficient application programming interfaces for developers and stable until the stable version is released without any new changes.

Improved Accessibility and Permission Options

The update also supports the 200% font enlargement feature, to assist visually impaired users with a better screen view, with additional accessibility options. New access permission options include granting applications limited and partial access to the media library. This release also includes an update to the “Open JDK” libraries with changes to security standards based on application requirements.


Interestingly, the update is now available for download for registered users and compatible devices, and the third beta version is compatible with the Pixel 7a phone.

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