Universal and Nintendo Are Getting Close To Striking A Deal On A Legend Of Zelda Movie

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Nintendo and Universal may work together on another film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda.


Film journalist Jeff Sneider claims that the two parties are “close” to agreeing. Illumination, which Universal owns, would most likely be in charge of producing the movie due to this pact.

“From what I’ve been informed, which is getting close to official, I’m told that Universal is closing a quote ‘huge deal’ with the Nintendo organization for the Legend of Zelda. According to what I’ve been told, this is getting close to official.

“Zelda will be, is looking like the next big Illumination Nintendo franchise, which again, I think we were all sort of expecting, but I’m told that that is happening, and it’s costing Universal a pretty penny because of the success of Super Mario like Nintendo kind of knows it’s worth at this point, but yeah, I’m told that that is now going to be a reality.” “Zelda will be, is looking like the next big Illumination Nintendo franchise,”

It makes perfect sense for Nintendo to capitalize on the popularity of The Super Mario Bros. Movie by producing yet another film based on one of its most valuable intellectual properties (IPs). One of the most financially successful animated movies of all time, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, has brought in over $1.3 billion since this article was published.