Twitch Announces The ‘Partner Plus’ Tier, Which Is Certain to Annoy Even More Users

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Twitch has revealed ‘Partner Plus,’ an all-new tier for high-performing streamers, providing them access to that highly sought-after 70/30 revenue split. Still, the package comes with a few restrictions that irritate consumers. It is the most recent in a long line of irritating decisions that have been made by Twitch, which are driving the platform lower down the rankings of approval about streaming services.

Twitch Announces The 'Partner Plus' Tier, Which Is Certain to Annoy Even More User s_

Twitch has just introduced a new program called Partner Plus, which is only available to content providers that have a track record of producing somewhat successful videos. However, the deal is not without its catches; it differs from what it looks to be at first glance.

It is Never an Easy Task

To begin, anyone interested in taking advantage of the new Partner Plus deal will have to fulfill a number of stringent requirements, the first of which is maintaining a steady hold of at least 350 paid subscribers over three months. However, this is where the first catch comes into play, as Amazon Prime and subscriptions that have been gifted will not be counted against that total.

Once a streamer has Partner Plus, it makes no difference if their viewer count plummets and they drop well below that threshold. This is stated in the FAQ. A minimum contract term of one year is going to be provided by Partner Plus.


Due to the fact that there is a three-month window requirement, users who wish to qualify for Partner Plus have essentially begun the application process. Partner Plus will become operational on October 1st, 2023. It is only relevant to Twitch Partners who are already established, and there is an additional catch: a revenue split of 70/30 will only count for a streamer’s first $100,000 generated on their channel.

After that, it’s going to be a 50/50 split again.

Twitch has a lot of competition to worry about, what with YouTube’s streaming network still claiming major names and the always-controversial Kick rising through the ranks over time, despite widespread toxic behavior and weird methods.

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