Apple eliminates tracking identifiers in Safari browser’s internet links for users.

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Apple Adds New Function to Safari Browser to Remove Tracking Indicators

The American company Apple has announced the addition of a new function in the Safari browser, which will remove the tracking indicators for users from links to Internet pages when private browsing mode is active. The function should be available with the new iPhone, iPads, and Mac systems, which are iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, which is expected to be released later this fall.

New Feature to Safeguard User Privacy

The company said, “Safari browser will remove any tracking indicators when any link or copy is clicked, while it will keep the rest of the link unchanged, as the link will continue to work as intended but without the ability to track the user.”

Apple has always focused on user privacy, and this new feature proves their dedication to safeguard their users’ information. By removing tracking indicators, Apple is empowering its users with a higher level of privacy and security.

Expanded Functionality and Compatibility

The new feature also works with links shared via the Messages and Mail apps, providing a consistent user experience across different communication channels. Furthermore, users can enable the feature in normal browsing mode within the Safari browser without needing to turn on private browsing mode.

Apple’s Recent Innovations

Apple launched several new applications at its annual developer conference for this year, which recently concluded. One of the notable additions is the Journal application on iOS devices, which helps users regularly record their daily activities.

This move indicates Apple’s increasing involvement in the health sector, as it joins other iOS apps like Fitness, Sleep, and Breathe that help users monitor and manage aspects of their daily lives. Additionally, Apple introduced watchOS 10, the latest operating system for Apple Watches, and iPadOS 17, tailored specifically for iPads.

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