The Step-by-Step Process Guide for Preparing Peppermint Tea in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

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After the introduction of Peppermint Tea as the solitary new recipe in the June 2023 patch, this is the question that players are pondering following the game’s release.

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This takes the overall number of recipes in the game to 190. However, mission-specific recipes, which must be included in the Meals section of the Collection screen, are not included in this list.

In Dreamlight Valley, the game only briefly elaborates on how to make peppermint tea.

This walkthrough will instruct you on brewing peppermint tea while playing the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Peppermint Tea Recipe

The Peppermint Tea recipe is only rated as two stars, indicating that you will only need two different components to create it.

Even better, both of these components can be located with relative ease.

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If you want to acquire the recipe earlier, you can do so by following these instructions. The recipe will become available to you during one of the Fairy Godmother’s tasks once her friendship with you reaches level 7.

The ingredients for the Peppermint Tea are:

  • Lemon x1
  • Mint x1

When you combine them, you will have successfully brewed peppermint tea.

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