Netflix’s Terrifying Spin-Off: Brace Yourself for Another Hair-Raising Thrill After the Unforgettable Hit!

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Bird Box Barcelona: Netflix’s New Horror Thriller

Bird Box Barcelona is Netflix’s new horror thriller. The first part took place in the United States, while this one, as its name suggests, takes place in Barcelona, Spain. This is a spin-off and not a direct sequel, so it will focus on new characters, Sebastian and his granddaughter Anna. As in the 2018 film, the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which the world’s population must survive against terrifying creatures. For this, they must not look at the outside world on pain of dying. With one of their five senses missing, staying alive in a dystopia is much harder. Sebastian and Anna, therefore, form an alliance with other individuals in order to be able to survive, but unfortunately for them, the monsters are not the only threats and it will be necessary to be wary of everyone. The feature film is directed by Alex and David Pastor and stars Mario Casas (The Accused) in the lead role while Alejandra Howard (Recluse) plays Anna, the little girl. Bird Box Barcelona will be released on July 14 on the Netflix streaming platform.

The success of Bird Box

Bird Box was a success when it was released in 2018 on the platform. The film follows the story of Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) accompanied by her two children. The three of them try to survive a world filled with strange creatures and all with a blindfold that completely robs them of their sight. The project was one of the biggest hits for a Netflix-produced film. It was, in fact, the most watched film on the platform with more than 282 million hours viewed. He kept this position until 2021 with Red Notice replacing him. According to Nielsen Media Research, an American company that measures media audience, Bird Box was watched by more than 26 million people in its first week. As for the Netflix numbers, they claim it was viewed by 89 million households in the first month of airing. The spin-off looks just as terrifying and may get as many views as the first installment, that remains to be seen from July 14.

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