Complete The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley: A Guide to Finding Lost Objects and Solving the Quest with Belle

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Best Mystery Solver Quest Guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Enchanted Adventure update has ushered in a world of new characters and realms, creating an enticing playground for players to explore. Among the most anticipated additions to the game is the introduction of Belle and the Beast. Players are now eagerly seeking to complete their questline, especially the intriguing Level 7 quest titled “The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley.” This quest demands a keen eye for detail and precise knowledge of locations. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to swiftly conquer this mystery in Dreamlight Valley.

How to Start The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley

To embark on “The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley,” you’ll first need to unlock Belle as a playable character. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, diligently complete all her preceding quests and strive to increase your friendship level with her to 7. You can effortlessly boost your friendship by gifting Belle her favorite items of the day.

Where to Find the Lost Object of the Memory in Dreamlight Valley

Your mission is to locate a lost object depicted in a Memory by fishing in the corresponding spot. Equip your trusty fishing rod and make your way to the serene Glade of Trust biome. Cast your line into the pond and keep an eye out for golden ripples. These ripples signify the location of the missing object. Refer to the provided image to pinpoint the precise fishing spot.

Where to Find the Board from the Memory in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To track down the Board you glimpsed in the Memory, venture into Mickey’s Secret Room within the Dream Castle. Please note that this secret room remains concealed until you’ve successfully completed the Level 10 Friendship quest for Mickey. Once inside the Secret Room, your eyes will fall upon the Board from the Memory, prominently displayed on the wall. For visual guidance, consult the accompanying images to identify the room and the Board.

How to Find Mickey’s Secret Room in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Locating Mickey’s Secret Room involves entering the Dream Castle and taking a right turn. Keep an eye out for a discreet door situated just below the stairs, hidden behind some planters. For a visual reference, examine the provided image showcasing the appearance of the door. Once you’ve passed through this clandestine entrance, you’ll gain access to the room housing the enigmatic Board.

Completing The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley

Having identified the Board on the wall, your next objective is to scrutinize it closely. Your task now is to explore the notes accompanying the Board, which will unveil the final image from the Memory. This image prominently features Belle. Armed with this newfound knowledge, seek out Belle herself.

Belle will recollect her role as “The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley” but will require some office furniture to carry out her work. Your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Order an Elegant Armchair from Scrooge McDuck.
  • Talk to Beast.

How to Order the Armchair from Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Pay a visit to Scrooge McDuck’s store within the valley and place an order for the Elegant Armchair. For a clear understanding of the cost involved, consult the provided image below.

Final Steps to Complete The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve gathered the required furniture, deliver it to Belle. Capture a memorable picture alongside her in her newly furnished office. Finally, engage in one last conversation with Belle to bring “The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley” (level 7) to a satisfying conclusion.

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