Unlock All Badges in Break-In 2 – Roblox Guide: Complete Walkthrough

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All Badges in Break-In 2 – Roblox Guide

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In the thrilling world of Break In 2 on Roblox, there are 18 badges waiting to be unlocked, each representing a significant accomplishment within the game. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to earn each of these coveted badges. Let’s dive right in and embark on this exciting journey of achievement.

Family Bonding

To unlock the Family Bonding badge, embrace teamwork by assisting a player who is playing the opposite role. If you’re an adult, lend a hand to a child-type player by lifting the kitchen door, allowing them access to the Kitchen.

Expert Investigators

Visit the Secret Evil Base’s Shop and purchase a refreshing Bloxy Cola. Ascend to the top floor by scaling the sky blue-colored ladder on the first floor. Enjoy your cola and boldly leap across the broken bridge to the other side. Inside, locate Inspector Bradley, who’s taking a well-deserved nap with a board in front of his desk. Arrange the events on the board, following the events of Break In Chapter 1, to unlock the Expert Investigator badge.

Delivery’s Here

In a daring feat, collect all four items along the treacherous track near the burning car outside the evil base. Your mission: retrieve pizza boxes and coke cans without a single slip. Return triumphantly to the hotel with your precious cargo to earn the Delivery’s Here badge.

Operation: Dog Rescue

Become a true hero by rescuing the adorable canine named Twado. Boost your speed rating to level 4 on the treadmill in the upper gym. Seek out Twado’s feeding instructions on the main board near the staircase and make an educated guess about his favorite food. Purchase Twado’s preferred food from the Shop and feed it to him near the kennel. Navigate through challenges with Twado in tow to unlock the Operation: Dog Rescue badge.

Uncle Pete’s Return

Discover Uncle Pete’s key hidden in the Kitchen on the ground floor. Unlock the prison bars on the first floor with this white, oversized key to secure Uncle Pete’s freedom and claim the Uncle Pete’s Return badge.

Tool Time

Invest in the most formidable tool available from the Vending Machine. The main poster near the machine will guide you to the most potent weapon. Persist until you acquire the gun indicated on the instructions to earn the Tool Time badge.

Wake Up, Bradley

Earn the gratitude of Uncle Pete by completing all three sets of quests he assigns you. During the final task, you’ll be rewarded with a rat. Deliver this rat to Detective Bradley, persuading him to join your team and securing the Wake Up, Bradley badge.

The Dream Time

Assemble a formidable team by recruiting three NPC characters before wave 3. If you’ve followed this guide diligently, you should have already enlisted Detective Bradley, Twado, and Uncle Pete, unlocking The Dream Time badge automatically.

Spring Cleaning

Display your combat prowess by defeating every enemy in the Fighting Area on the first floor. Your reward for this exceptional display of courage and skill is the Spring Cleaning badge.

So Strong

Elevate your in-game stature by reaching level 5. Dedicate yourself to intensive training in the gym area, building your Strong stat by lifting weights. Persevere until you reach the pinnacle to unlock the So Strong badge.

So Speedy

Similar to the So Strong badge, attain level 5 by maximizing your speed stat. Your swiftness and agility will be celebrated with the So Speedy badge.

Our Base Now

Proclaim your dominance by conquering all three waves of enemies within the Secret Evil Base. Your victory will automatically unlock the Our Base Now badge.

Discolored Pizza

Locate the Discolored Pizza in the basement of the Evil Secret Base by utilizing the Yellow/Brown Vending Machine. Empty the machine with 200 Cash to retrieve the golden key concealed within. Open the locked room in the same area with this key and seize the Discolored Pizza, securing the corresponding badge.

The Golden Apple

Prepare for a formidable challenge as you aim to claim The Golden Apple badge. After vanquishing the first wave in the Evil Secret Base, return to the spawn location. Break the wooden logs to reveal a small bush with the Golden Apple hanging tantalizingly. Grasp this elusive fruit to unlock the coveted badge.

Pizza Party Badge

Flex your strength by defeating the formidable Pizza Boss in the Kitchen. Your strength rating must be at least level 4 to access the boss. Triumph over this culinary adversary to earn the Pizza Party badge.

Defeat Scary Mary

As part of the main storyline, face the chilling terror of Scary Mary and emerge victorious to unlock the aptly named Defeat Scary Mary badge.

You Win

The ultimate test of your skills and survival instincts awaits. Make it through the entire campaign without meeting your demise to proudly claim the You Win badge.

Color Coordinated

Solve the intricate Security Room Puzzle lurking in the basement. Rearrange the colors on the monitor, applying your understanding of hues to match the target color. Once you’ve successfully deciphered all the target colors, open the small red container with the medkit to obtain the Color Coordinated badge.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to earning all 18 badges in Break In 2 on Roblox. With these achievements in your pocket, you’ll be a true master of the game. So, go forth, follow this guide, and showcase your gaming prowess for all to see!

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