Launching Today: Apex Legends Unveils the Harbinger Collection Event

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment let us know that the Harbinger Collection Event has arrived Apex Legends starts today and lasts until October 3. All content of the event can be found in the press release:

  • Live grenade trios
    • Players will have access to a special ‘tracking grenade’ that follows enemy targets and explodes on impact.
  • Edge of the world at night
    • Edge of the World at Night features a hellish version of the Talos battlefield, complete with a revived train.
  • Reward line and cosmetic items
    • Players can receive new items through the event’s rewards line. You can also expect 24 limitedtime cosmetic items, such as the Gibraltar ‘Tombkeeper’ skin and the matching ‘Harbinger of Darkness’ electric gun skin.
  • Fuse’s heirloom
    • If players complete the Harbinger Collection event item collection before October 3, players will receive Fuse’s Razor’s Edge Electric Guitar as a reward, which destroys every enemy.

Apex Legends is available for all current systems.

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