Introducing Gloomhaven: Immerse Yourself in the Epic Fantasy World Official Launch Trailer

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Twin Sails Interactive presents the launch trailer Gloomhaven. The fantasy roleplaying game has been available for all current systems since yesterday and the press release provides additional information:

Gloomhaven, Adapted for consoles by Saber Interactive, it includes all the content from the original board game, plus brand new features and an exclusive, digitalonly Guild Master campaign. In this deep and rewarding fantasy adventure where every choice matters, players can unlock 17 unique characters, determine team energies, and use their deck wisely. Players will fight their way through dangerous dungeons, hordes of the undead, fearsome monsters and more to claim their rewards or die trying…

Players can choose between two versions of Gloomhaven decide which ones are available on console starting today:

  • Gloomhaven Mercenary Edition includes the complete base game and the “Solo Scenario: Mercenary Challenge” DLC for €39.99
  • Gloomhaven gold edition includes the full Mercenary Edition, plus the “Claw of the Lion” DLC and four associated skins, all for €49.99

Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenge is an adaptation of Isaac Childre’s board game expansion, refined for digital play. It features 17 deadly solo scenarios that players can complete to earn 17 unique items, each dedicated to a specific mercenary. With 20 hours of bonus content, this second DLC presents a challenge for experienced players looking to test their skills.

“Claw of the Lion” is the first major content expansion of Gloomhaven and includes four new mercenaries, new enemies, 22 new city events, 10 new items, 24 new battle objectives, 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion and much more. It offers over 30 hours of additional content that takes players into the underground of Gloomhaven. Owners of the Gloomhaven Mercenary Edition can purchase the Lion’s Claw DLC separately for $17.99.

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