Mr. and Mrs. Smith Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far

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There are many stories that combine spying and romance, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the best example of how to do it. The action-comedy from 2005, written by Simon Kinberg, was about a married couple who find out they are both spies from different agencies and their relationship. People watched this movie because of its simple but exciting idea, which kept them interested in this pair through all of their sexy and badass moments. After 18 years, the famous movie is being turned into a TV show on Prime Video.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The show was first announced in February 2021, and Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were cast in the lead parts. But the progress of the project was slowed down a lot when Waller-Bridge quit the series in September 2021 because of creative differences. In April 2022, her part was filled by Pen15 star Maya Erskine, who played Glover’s lead.

Before the action with guns and sexual tension starts, read this guide to find out what we know about Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video so far.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Cast

  • Maya Erskine as Jane
  • Donald Glover
  • Paul Dano
  • John Turturro
  • Michaela Coel
  • Robert Loftus as NYC Pedestrian
  • Eugene G. Swiss Thomas as Pedestrian
  • Sid Jarvis as Detective
  • Tamara Torres as Marla
  • Alex Huynh as Seedy
  • Irma Cadiz as Wife

What is the Release Date of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

On February 2, 2024, you’ll be able to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It was originally planned for the series to come out in 2022, even after Waller-Bridge left the cast. After Erskine took over in April 2022, there wasn’t much news about the show. An official release date wouldn’t be known until well after the end of 2022. The series was supposed to come out sometime in November 2023, but it was pushed back.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’?

At the moment, there isn’t an official trailer for the show. However, on July 13, Prime Video released a sizzle reel featuring the streaming service’s upcoming TV shows and movies. Among the new footage was a first look at Glover and Erskine as the main couple interacting with each other in a civil way, followed by them running and carrying guns.

What Is ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Plot?

The show is a remake and reboot of the action movie from 2005, which starred Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Before that, there was a short-lived TV show called Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1996 and a failed test show for a show that was supposed to come after the movie. All of these versions are based on the same idea: the main characters live two lives: one as a married couple and the other as dangerous killers. They don’t find out who the other person is or what they do until they are told to kill the other person. The push-and-pull relationship and energy between the main characters made Mr. and Mrs. Smith a huge hit movie and story. Beyond the spy plot, there was a unique and interesting love story that made the couple decide the difference between being honest and lying.

There are clear differences between this new version of the story and the movie from 2005, but the series seems to stay true to the original. That Glover and Erskine are working together makes me think that they will stay true to the action and twisted romance in the book.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Two lonely strangers land a job working for a mysterious spy agency that offers them a glorious life of espionage, wealth, world travels and a dream brownstone in Manhattan. The catch: new identities in an arranged marriage as Mr. & Mrs. John and Jane Smith. Now hitched, John and Jane navigate a high risk mission every week while also facing a new relationship milestone. Their complex cover story becomes even more complicated when they catch real feelings for each other. What’s riskier, espionage or marriage?

Who Are the Creators of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’?

As an actress, writer, and executive producer, Glover is in charge of this second TV show after Atlanta. Francesca Sloane (Fargo), who worked with him on the FX show, now co-creates the Mr. and Mrs. Smith series with him. The film’s senior producers are Yariv Milchan (The Crowded Room), Arnon Milchan (Amsterdam), and Michael Schaefer (Swarm). Jenny Robins (EastEnders) from Wells Street Films also joins the team. Stephen Glover (Guava Island), Glover’s brother, and Hiro Murai (Station Eleven), who often works with Glover, are also executive producers on the show, and Murai will direct two episodes. Anthony Katagas (Armageddon Time) and Nate Matteson (The Bear) are the last two executive producers on the list.

Emile Mosseri (Minari) will write the music for the show, and Kate Brokaw (Sanctuary) and Kyle Reiter (Barry) will be editing it.

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