A Guide to Acquiring the Caustic Band in Baldur’s Gate 3

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a variety of different accessories, such as rings and amulets. These items can offer a unique range of perks for specific character builds, making it worth seeking them out and incorporating them into your builds. One such accessory is the Caustic Band, a ring that can give your character an edge in combat. In this article, we’ll explore how to obtain the Caustic Band, its location, and the best character builds to equip with it.

Caustic Band Location & How to Obtain It in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Caustic Band is an uncommon ring accessory obtainable as early as Act 1, making it a excellent selection for any weapon user in combat throughout the early game. To get the Caustic Band, players must head into the Underdark through one of the several entrances spread throughout the Act 1 map. Once in the Underdark, they must explore and reach the Myconid Colony.

The Myconid Colony is located at approximate map coordinates of X: 95 and Y: -101. Upon reaching the colony, players will find Derryth Bonecloak, a trader from whom they can purchase the Caustic Band. To buy the Caustic Band from Derryth Bonecloak, players must initiate a conversation and select the ‘show me your wares’ option. The Caustic Band can be purchased for a price of 68 Gold.

Caustic Band Perk & Best Builds to Equip With

The Caustic Band grants the wielder a passive ability known as Malefic Excretion, allowing them to add 2twoextra Acid damage per successful weapon attack. This makes it the perfect accessory to equip Classes primarily utilizing weapon attacks in combat, such as Rogues, Fighters, Barbarians, and Paladins.

Rogue – Thief: Thief Rogues can use a BonusAction per turn of combat when dual-wielding finesse weapons, enabling them to trigger Malefic Excretion three times per round of fight

Ranger – Gloom Stalker: Gloom Stalkers can use the Caustic Band’s Malefic Excretion to trigger damage five to six times in the first round of combat, especially when initiating fights with surprise rounds.

Fighter – Battle Master: Fighters can benefit from the added damage output of the Caustic Band, especially when using their Action Surge to make another attack once per Short Rest.

Barbarian – Berserker: Berserkers can use the Caustic Band to deal three massive hits of damage and trigger Malefic Excretion three times per round when using a returning thrown weapon combined with their Enraged Throw Bonus Action.

In conclusion, the Caustic Band is a valuable accessory in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially for characters that rely on weapon attacks in combat. Players can enhance their character’s damage output and overall effectiveness in battle by knowing how to obtain and utilize the Caustic Band.

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