One of the Fortnite Players has Come up With a Cool Open-World Map Concept

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A Fortnite player, known as Kitchen-Bird382 on Reddit, has recently created an open-world map concept encompassing most of the popular points of interest (POIs) from the game’s 27 Seasons spread across 4 Chapters. Fortnite, launched initially as Save the World, evolved into the well-loved battle royale it is today. Throughout its evolution, the game has introduced numerous memorable locations, with fan favorites like Tilted Towers, Dusty Depot, Retail Row, and The Agency. The limited size of the battle royale map has restricted the addition of new locations over the years, but this concept design by Kitchen-Bird382 manages to merge all these beloved places into one vast open-world map.

The open-world map created by Kitchen-Bird382 stretches across a vast distance, featuring the iconic locations from the various Seasons, including Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Weeping Woods. It also includes major cities such as Tilted Towers in the west, Mega City in the east, and the central areas of Mega Mall and Neo Tilted. The map has been designed to encompass multiple biomes, promising a potential change in gameplay dynamics, with features like ice and mud providing speed boosts.

While the open-world concept includes a comprehensive array of POIs, some notable absences include Believer Beach, Loot Lake, and Steamy Stacks. Additionally, this map does not represent locations unique to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. However, the map’s scale, including multiple mountains and various terrains, hints at the potential for an expansive and diverse gameplay environment. The map also appears to be missing the widely disliked Coral Castle.

As Fortnite gears up for a new season, it’s worth considering the possibility of some of these locations returning on the official map. Epic Games’ commitment to regular updates and game expansions means that Kitchen-Bird382’s concept could become a reality, attracting many players. Although the battle royale map may not grow to this magnitude shortly, the idea of a fully realized open-world map holds promise for the game’s future development. It’s an exciting prospect for Fortnite enthusiasts to envision a game space that encapsulates Fortnite’s rich history and myriad locations.

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