The Instructions for Using XL Candy in Pokemon GO

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In Pokemon GO, XL Candy is an essential item for players who want to power up their Pokemon beyond Level 40 and progress through the new level caps. Understanding how to use XL Candy and farming methods is crucial for trainers looking to take their Pokemon to the next level. In this guide, we’ll explore what XL Candy is, how to use them, and the best ways to farm XL Candy in Pokemon GO.

What is XL Candy And How To Use Them?

XL Candy is a specialized candy that allows players to power up their Pokemon beyond Level 40 in Pokemon GO. Unlike regular candy, XL Candy can only be obtained when a Trainer reaches Level 31. There are two types of XL Candy: regular XL Candy, which is specific to a particular Pokemon species, and XL Rare Candy, which can be used on any Pokemon beyond Level 40.

To use XL Candy, players can select the Power Up option for their Pokemon. The amount of Stardust and regular candy required for Power Ups depends on the current level of the Pokemon. If players want to elevate a Pokemon from Level 40 to Level 50 immediately, they will need 296 pieces of XL Candy per non-Shadow Pokemon, along with Stardust and regular candy.

Best Ways To Farm XL Candy

Catching Pokemon is the quickest way to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO. Higher level and rare Pokemon have a higher chance of dropping XL Candy when caught. Raid Bosses also guarantee one XL Candy when caught.

Another method to farm XL Candy is by walking a Buddy Pokemon. By selecting a Pokemon to walk with, players can earn regular candy and have a chance of receiving XL Candy based on the distance walked.

Transferring Pokemon is yet another way to obtain XL Candy. When transferring Pokemon, there is at least one XL Candy drop per Pokemon, with higher CP Pokemon having a higher chance of dropping XL Candy.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs is also a reliable method for getting XL Candy. Different types of Pokemon Eggs yield a varying amount of XL Candy, with 10/12km Eggs offering the highest chance of obtaining XL Candy.

Players can also exchange regular candy for XL Candy by using the Transfer feature in the Pokemon’s status page. Additionally, trading a Pokemon can sometimes yield XL Candy as a reward.

Utilizing these farming methods is crucial for players seeking to accumulate XL Candy fast and power up their Pokemon beyond Level 40 in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Continues to Thrive

With the addition of the Beyond Update, the AR sensation Pokemon GO has continued to captivate players with new features, events, and Pokemon generations. The introduction of XL Candy has added a new layer of complexity to the game and requires players to strategize on how to obtain and use this valuable resource. By following these tips and tricks, players can make the most out of XL Candy and take their Pokemon to new heights in the game.

In conclusion, XL Candy is a game-changing item in Pokemon GO, and mastering its use and farming methods is essential for dedicated trainers looking to push their Pokemon to the highest levels. As the game evolves with updates and new features, XL Candy remains a valuable resource for any player seeking to progress in the world of Pokemon GO.

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