There Are No Plans to Remake Resident Evil in the Year 2024

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A prominent Resident Evil insider has revealed that Capcom has no plans to release another remake of the iconic Resident Evil series in 2024. Instead, the company is gearing up to announce a game that is expected to “sell millions” by the end of 2023, as disclosed in a recent financial presentation.

Resident Evil Remakes History

Over the years, Capcom has treated fans to impressive remakes of several installments in the Resident Evil series, including Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and the most recent fan-favorite, Resident Evil 4. The Resident Evil 4 remake, in particular, garnered widespread acclaim upon its release in March 2023, following the successes of Resi 3 in 2020 and Resi 2 in 2019. The trend of remaking older titles from the series has been evident, with the original Resident Evil remake dating back to 2002.

Insider Insights

Despite the excitement surrounding the possibility of more remakes, trusted Resident Evil insider, Dusk Golem, has stated that there are no plans for a Resident Evil remake in 2024. Instead, Capcom is expected to unveil a monumental title in the coming weeks. Speculations point to the announcement of a new Monster Hunter game, which has been a highly successful franchise for the company. Additionally, there is a high likelihood of a revival of an old, forgotten title, such as Dino Crisis.

Capcom’s Upcoming Titles

The gaming community eagerly awaits the upcoming announcement from Capcom, which is anticipated to shake up the game industry. With the promise of a title that is projected to achieve “millions of sales,” the unveiling of this new game is a highly anticipated event within the gaming community.

While fans of the Resident Evil series may be disappointed by the absence of a remake in 2024, the anticipation for Capcom’s upcoming announcement remains high. With the prospect of a new Monster Hunter game and the revival of dormant titles, the gaming news is abuzz with excitement as the company gears up for the next big release.

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