A Guide to Acquiring Lair Keys in Destiny 2

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What to Expect in Destiny 2 Season 23: The Final Shape

As Season 23 of Destiny 2, The Final Shape, approaches, players can anticipate a shift from traditional Seasons to the new format of Episodes. Although details are scarce, fans can look forward to a familiar experience with Season of the Wish, including weekly quest objectives and the pursuit of seasonal loot. One crucial aspect of this season is the acquisition of Lair Keys, essential for accessing rewards in the game.

How to Obtain Lair Keys in Destiny 2 Season 23

Lair Keys are integral to progressing through Season 23, and players can obtain them through various activities. Engaging in non-seasonal activities, particularly those in the Dreaming City, presents an increased chance of acquiring Lair Keys. Furthermore, in-game tooltips highlight the importance of participating in Ritual Playlists, such as Gambit, Vanguard Ops, and Crucible, to obtain these keys.

Earn Lair Keys through Seasonal Progression and Season Pass

Season 23 introduces multiple avenues for obtaining Lair Keys. Completing the first week of the seasonal story and reaching specific ranks can reward players with Lair Keys. Ranks seven and 13 offer opportunities to acquire Lair Keys from Riven. Additionally, the Season Pass provides a consistent source of Lair Keys at Ranks 12, 24, 52, and 92, enabling players to accumulate a maximum of five Lair Keys.

Utilizing Lair Keys in Destiny 2

Obtaining Lair Keys is only the first step, as players must understand how to utilize them effectively. When completing activities such as Riven’s Lair or The Coil, a treasure chest awaits. Possessing a Lair Key allows access to greater rewards upon opening the chest. Although completing these activities without Lair Keys is feasible, the potential rewards are significantly enhanced with the use of these keys.

In conclusion, as Destiny 2 approaches its final season, The Final Shape presents an opportunity for players to engage with new content and secure exciting rewards through the acquisition and utilization of Lair Keys. By participating in the seasonal story, reaching specific ranks, and engaging in activities within the Dreaming City, players can gather these keys to enhance their in-game experience. With the transition from Seasons to Episodes on the horizon, Season 23 promises to offer a fulfilling experience for Destiny 2 enthusiasts.

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