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Nacon shows the launch trailer Gangs of Sherwood. We take the accompanying words from the press release:

In the new trailer, which shows live action and gameplay elements Gangs of Sherwood combined, bard AlanADale musically guides you through the story and the main characters of the game. Andrea Di Stefano, game director at Profession studiosand Maxime Prevosteau, Product Manager at NACON, talked about AlanADale and the latest Gangs of SherwoodTrailer like this one:

Who is AlanADale and how does he fit into the legend?

Andrea Di Stefano: “Although not as well known as other legendary heroes such as Brother Tuck or Little John, this character is an important member of the merry fellows of Robin Hood. He plays a crucial role in the game as narrator, introducing each new adventure with humorous puppetry and also speaking out against the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

What inspired you to make this trailer?

Maxime Prevosteau: “We wanted to pay tribute to this atypical, charismatic figure by creating an epic song with a medieval sound that will stick in your head. We took inspiration from many things, including Disney’s iconic cartoons Robin Hood and Aladdin and even The Witcher.”
Andrea Di Stefano: “It also made perfect sense to cast the talented artist Lenny Mark Irons as AlanADale in the trailer, as he also voices the character in the game.”

Gangs of Sherwood is a cooperative actionadventure for one to four players with fastpaced gameplay in a reimagined world based on the legend of Robin Hood. Using the powers of the Philosopher’s Stone, the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham have amassed immense power and are oppressing the people of England more than ever. In a science fantasy take on the Robin Hood legend, the game offers explosive combat, plenty of combo options and coop gameplay for fans of epic battles and challenges.

Gangs of Sherwood will be released the day after tomorrow for PS5 and Xbox Series

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