Upcoming Release for War Hospital Announced

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Nacon announces this Been to hospital will be available on January 11, 2024 for PS5 and Xbox Series

Been to hospital Combining aspects of realtime strategy games and survival games, it is a singleplayer management game where informed decisions must be made to progress. The players take on the role of Major Henry Wells and take charge of a British field hospital during World War I. In the war hospital in a fictional town in northern France, the treatment of wounded soldiers must be monitored.

Characteristics of Been to hospital:

  • An atypical kind of war game in which people have to be saved instead of harmed
  • The main character is Major Henry Wells, who is transferred to a fictional town in northern France during World War I to run a field hospital.
  • The best possible decisions must be made under the difficult circumstances. Even in unexpected situations, the available resources must be used wisely
  • In addition to the injured patients, hospital staff must also be cared for as they are constantly confronted with the consequences of war
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