A Guide to Obtaining Twitch Drop Rewards In Marvel Snap

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What are Marvel Snap’s Twitch Drops?

Marvel Snap’s Twitch Drops are exclusive freebies given to players based on their watch time. To collect these items, fans must stream live content from Marvel Snap creators on Twitch and track their watch time using both apps. This guide clarifies how to become eligible for all Twitch Drops and explains how to claim them as quickly as possible.

Prerequisites for claiming Drops:

Before getting started on collecting Twitch Drop rewards, players must have the following:

  • A Twitch account.
  • An active Marvel Snap account.

How to Unlock Twitch Drops in Marvel Snap

To get the Twitch Drop rewards, players will need to link their Marvel Snap and Twitch accounts. This will allow both apps to track their watch time, compensating them with Avatars, Card Variants, Titles, and other comparable freebies.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting Twitch Drops:

  • Go to Marvel Snap’s Twitch Drops page (here).
  • Login to a Twitch Account.
  • Login to the Marvel Snap account.
  • Click confirm.
  • Finally, watch Marvel Snap content on Twitch to earn rewards.

The watch time is cumulative, meaning that players’ time on Twitch will count toward all Drops. For instance, watching two hours of Marvel Snap content will unlock the first reward and also contribute to the progression of the 4-hour and 6-hour prizes.

How to Claim Twitch Drop Rewards

Earned prizes are collectible from the Twitch app and website. For that, players must head to the Drops tab under their Account and check the Inventory. (The progress bars in this section will indicate when the Drops unlock.) Once a reward is claimed, players will access it from Marvel Snap’s inbox—or it will be automatically added to the respective feature of the game.

List of Current Twitch Drops

Starting from November 15, players will have eight days to collect Marvel Snap’s Higher, Further, Faster Twitch Drops. These include a pack of Credits and Booster, a Punisher avatar, and a special Peach Momoko variant of The Punisher card.

Here’s how to unlock them:

Twitch Drop How to Get Code
The Punisher Avatar Watch 2 hours of Marvel Snap content 2023Nov2Hrs
Booster & Credit Bundle Watch 4 hours of Marvel Snap content 2023Nov4Hrs
The Punisher Variant (Peach Momoko) Watch 6 hours of Marvel Snap content 2023Nov6Hrs

Players must stream content from participating live channels. Otherwise, their watch time won’t advance the Drops’ progress.

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