Chucky joins Dead by Daylight: New Update!

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Behavior Interactive points out that Chucky is now participating as well Dead by daylight is available. Additional information can be found in the press release:

Chucky is one of them Dead by daylightcommunityanticipated character and brings a playfulness to the game that only the Good Guy himself can muster. While you might assume that his small size would make it impossible to bring him into the Nebula, the team at Behavior Interactive worked with Universal Products to ensure a smooth transition and make him the first assassin to appear in Third Person perspective can be played.

His cruel nature is only surpassed by his dirty and colorful mouth. With his special playing style and his outrageous statements, spoken by original voice actor Brad Dourif, players can Dead by daylight Expect a faithful representation of Chucky’s murderous mayhem.

Puppet show

Chucky has the ability to sneak around the map. His special ability, Hide Mode, creates misleading footprints, a confusing audio and visual effect that confuses survivors with sounds and footprints coming from different directions.

In Hide mode, Chucky can perform two unique actions: Scurry and Slice. By rushing, Chucky can jump through windows or under fallen pallets, giving the survivors an unexpected start. The disc cutter action, on the other hand, allows him to run towards the survivors and wound them with his blade.

Being a good guy has its perks. Part of Chucky’s package are three unique perks, each designed to maximize the playful nature of his cruelty. His first perk, Curse: It Takes Two to Play, blinds any survivor who tries to stun or blind Chucky, making the survivors think twice before attacking him.

His second perk, Friends Until the End, proves that he is always looking for new friends. If Chucky catches a survivor who is not the asset, the asset is unmasked and the aura is briefly revealed. When the property is hung, a random survivor will scream and become the property.

Chucky’s third advantage is the included batteries. Whenever a generator is completed, the killer around it receives a speed boost while in range, allowing him to catch up with fleeing survivors.

Dressed up to scare

The chapter also includes the Friends Until the End collection, which includes two iconic outfits for Chucky.

The Chucky, Back from the Dead Outfit (Very Rare) shows that nothing can stop a good guy. It shows Chucky in his iconic resurrected look full of stitching, wearing his classic striped turtleneck and denim overalls.

Additionally, the Good Gal Outfit (Legendary) puts Tiffany, aka Bride of Chucky, in a fog. This outfit consists of her signature dress and leather jacket and also features voice lines from the legendary Jennifer Tilly.


This is announced by Behavior Interactive Dead by daylight has passed the milestone of 60 million players worldwide. Released in 2016, the game stood out in the genre for its mix of asymmetrical multiplayer horror and immersive atmosphere, as well as an unparalleled cast of original and iconic characters. Its distinctive gameplay has made it a streaming favorite, with a passionate global community of players and viewers. In Dead by daylight you’ll find a who’s who of legendary horror franchises, the most recent of which is Chucky, the Good Guy.

Dead by daylight is available for all current systems.

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