Naraka Bladepoint Patch Notes 1.020 Update Today on November 30, 2023

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A new update has been released for Naraka Bladepoint Update 1.020. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.Naraka Bladepoint Update 1.020 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Brand New Content

I. Showdown Season 1.0: Chasm

Seasons have now been introduced in Showdown mode: After each Showdown season ends, all levels and the base Sense Level of Heroes will change. Also, the Potential progress and content will be reset. Showdown Season 1.0: Chasm will end on March 7, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC).

//Dev Notes: The idea behind switching to a season system is based on the gap that has emerged between experienced players and newer players in Showdown. Seasons will let us keep a stream of new rewards and fresh stages, while also making necessary changes to various stages and minimum/maximum sense levels. Furthermore, it will allow newer players to integrate into the Showdown community without feeling a large gap with more experienced players.

1. New Gameplay: Yama’s Abyss

This is a brand new roguelike iteration of Showdown Mode. In Yama’s Abyss, all players start on equal footing, taking on an unlimited number of random stages. Players can obtain a wide variety of temporary enhancements to strengthen themselves as levels get progressively more challenging.

When playing Yama’s Abyss, Souljades that you have equipped will not initially appear in your Souljade Bag, but instead will randomly appear in the in-game Rift Dealer. Explore Yama’s Abyss, discover various enhancements, and challenge countless random levels!

Advancing through the tiers of Yama’s Abyss and increasing your rank in the Showdown Season will earn you valuable rewards, including the Regular Treasure Choice Gift and the Rank Avatar. At the end of each Showdown Season, both your rank and rewards progress will be reset.

2. New Boss: Omnius·Vortex

Water, is the source of all things, the fountain of countless changes.
Take on the ferocious beasts of Omnius and 3 new levels at the Shipwreck Expanse on the Morus Isle.

3. New Hero Introduced in the Mode: Feria Shen

Pilot her Bronze Mech and obliterate all enemies that stand in your way!

4. Potential System and Huge selection of new Showdown Souljades

There is a brand new Potential System where you can play Showdown mode to get Potential XP and Potential Points. Level up your Potential and build your Souljades to create your own play style in Showdown.

The progress of the Potential System will be reset at the start of every Showdown Season, offering a fresh battle experience with new content and challenges.

5. Fatigue system

After this update, Showdown will be available at all times and will have a new Fatigue system.
By playing a stage of Showdown, Showdown Souljades, Quench Crystals, and other items can be obtained as drops. At the same time, Fatigue will increase up to a maximum of 2,000. While below the first threshold of Fatigue, drops will be increased by 150%. Each time that Fatigue passes a threshold, in-game drops will decrease. Fatigue will reset to 0 every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC).
(Showdown Scroll items will expire after the update, and there will be no way to use or acquire them again)

6. Showdown Store Updates

Newly added Legendary Weapon Skins [Calamity Forge·Blade], [Auger], etc. and Enhancement Items.

II. Advanced Showdown Pass – Chasm Undertow

Event Time: November 30, 2023 Update to March 6, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC).

  1. Showdown Pass XP can only be obtained through [Showdown] modes and quests.
  2. Upgrade your Showdown Pass to claim plentiful rewards.
  3. Tons of Showdown Seals, Rebirth Beads, Enhancement Materials, and other rewards in the Showdown Pass are claimable; Unlock the Legendary Weapon Skin [Chasm Vortex·Surging], Martial Skill Cosmetic [Severing Gust·Plum], [Fang Severing Slash·Ocher] and bottomless exclusive rewards!
III. Time-limited Event: Secret of the Shipwreck

Event Time: From after the update on Nov 30, 2023 to Dec 13, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules: Players can get Aqua Pearls by completing quests during the event. Aqua Pearls can be redeemed for great event rewards.

  • Complete each day’s Daily Quests to receive bonus rewards.
  • There are 5 groups of Challenge Quests, each available in turn at different times. Complete quests to claim plentiful rewards.

Hero Adjustments

I. Zai

  • Added a flash cue for the Gold Focus move of the Ultimate Weapon [Chain Scythe].
  • Optimized the special effects of the third Horizontal and Vertical Strikes of the [Chain Scythe].

II. Hadi

  • Enabled the mechanism for Hadi to counter while in flight.
  • Optimized the hit performance of the Charged Attack during flight.
  • Optimized the sound effect during flight.
  • Optimized the damage calculation mechanism that exits flight status upon accumulating certain damage during flight. Now, the damage dealt by Armor Pierce is properly included, while the damage dealt by Shadow Corruption is not included.
//Dev Notes: Hadi has a unique flight mechanism, adding new experiences and challenges to the battlefield. We’ll continue to monitor the players’ evolving control and strength performances. Hadi can now counter while in flight, with the same effect as his 3rd stage of charged attack. We hope these adjustments will introduce more tactics and variations in battles between Hadi and other heroes.

Souljade Adjustments

I. General Souljades

Newly added Souljade (Consumable) [Vajra’s Grip]: When being Countered, restore some Health and your weapon will not drop.

In-game Adjustments

I. Feature Optimizations

  • Now, using emotes and gestures immediately can interrupt an ongoing emote or gesture.
  • Optimized the perspective view selection mechanism when the spectator is the last team member eliminated and all their teammates are in the Remains.
  • Optimized the transition mechanism between the hero selection screen, spawn point selection screen, and map screen during the preparation phase. You can now quickly switch to the corresponding screen by pressing the respective keys on each above-mentioned screen.

II. Bot Mode Adjustments

  • Optimized AI Counter use at each difficulty level.
  • Hard difficulty AIs have received differentiated playstyles, AIs with different playstyles will behave differently in combat.

III. Controller Adjustments

During the preparation phase, press L1 + Touchpad (PS) / LB + View Button (XBOX) to view hero skill descriptions in the hero selection screen.

Out-game Adjustments

I. Added Scoring System in Casual Mode

  • Added scores to Shadow Surge, Capture the Spirit Well, The Bloodbath, and Bloodsport modes. The scoring system is added only to reflect your proficiency in these modes.
  • The initial score is 1,000, with each 500-point increment moving up a tier, up to a maximum of 9 tiers.
  • Scores will be reset proportionally at the season update.

II. Personal Information

  • Your scoring stats are now included in the Casual Mode.
  • Showdown Mode will now have Yama’s Abyss Rank information. Starting from Showdown Season 1.0, related stats will be collected in accordance with the new Showdown Season format. Previous stats will temporarily not be visible.

III. Rank

  • Added a Mastery Leaderboard to reflect your proficiency in different modes, ranking based on Casual Mode scores in the following four modes: Shadow Surge, Capture the Spirit Well, The Bloodbath, and Bloodsport.
  • Added a Collection Leaderboard, ranking based on Collection Points.

IV. Hero Badge

Added the expanded stages for several Hero Badges, including [Morus Legends], [Divine Treasures], and [Admirable Collection].

V. Star – Collections System

Viper Ning exclusive Star Collection Outfit[Star – 2P] will be tradable after 04:00 (UTC) on November 30, 2023. It can be traded on the Steam Community Market.

VI. Fairyland Penglai

Players can now teleport to the Fairyland Penglais of players that they are not friends with.

Showdown Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments

  • Shortened the rebirth and revival time in all Showdown gameplay.
  • Now, monsters with Astral Aegis won’t roll to get up after being downed.
  • Optimized some combat effects.

II. Souljade Adjustments

1. Removed the Rage recovery effect from additional hits of Souljades

, such as [Stormstride Sword], [Thunder Sword], and [Ice Bomb], while increasing the damage multipliers in certain strikes. Specific adjustments are as follows:

  • [Draco Stride]: Increased the damage multiplier of the wave from 0.6 to 0.72;
  • [Icefall]: Increased the damage multiplier of the icicle from 0.75 to 1.0;
  • [Stormstride]: Increased the damage multiplier of the lightning strike from 1.5 to 1.6;
  • [Stormstride Sword]: Increased the damage multiplier of Thunderbolt from 0.25 to 0.27;
  • [Thunder Sword]: Increased the damage multiplier of Thunderbolt from 0.2 to 0.24;
  • [Frost Cannon]: Increased the damage multiplier of Frost Wind from 0.11*6 to 0.13*6;
  • [Ice Bomb] Increased the damage multiplier of Frost Wind from 0.08*5 to 0.1*5;
  • [Thunder Cannon]: Increased the damage multiplier of the electric sparks from 0.4 to 0.5;
  • [Thunder Shot]: Increased the damage multiplier of Thunder from 0.17*2 to 0.21*2.
//Dev Notes: With the new Souljades and Potential System, hits beyond weapon moves provided excessive Rage. Therefore, in the new version, we have removed Rage recovery effects from these hits. To maintain the strength of relevant Souljades, we have increased their damage multipliers.

2. [Thunderpull]

Reduced the speed at which damage dealt increases Thundershock for oneself at low Thunder-wielding levels.

3. [Jabbing·Ice-wielding]

Increased the Damage Multiplier from 4.29 to 5.21.

4. [Defuse·Solve (Counterattack)], [Defuse·Combo (Counterattack)], and [Defuse·Dash (Counterattack)]

The method of filling the Defuse slot changed from “dealing damage with uncharged attacks” to “dealing damage with melee attacks or triggering the Defuse”.

III. Elemental Effect Adjustments

  • Removed the Rage recovery effect from element-triggered hits.
  • Reduced the accumulation speed of elemental effects by 48%.
//Dev Notes: The Potentials in the new season will bring in a lot of gameplay and enhancements around elemental effects. Therefore, we have lowered the frequency of triggering elemental effects, hoping that the rising elemental mechanic in current gameplay won’t become the only solution in the version.
  • The cooldown for accumulating elemental effect points after monsters trigger elemental effects has changed from a 2-second team-shared cooldown to a 6-second individual cooldown.
//Dev Notes: In the previous version, triggering an elemental effect on a monster paused the entire team’s elemental accumulation on that monster for 2 seconds. In the new version, only the player who triggers the elemental effect will pause their own elemental accumulation on the monster. This pause will no longer be affected by your teammates, therefore allowing more control over your triggering time.

IV. Hero Adjustments

1. Viper Ning

  • The Damage Multiplier of skill [Yushan Strike: Showdown] has increased from 1 to 9, with Aegis-break ability increased from 2,200 to 3,150.
  • The Aegis-break ability of Ultimate [Moonbane Control: Showdown] has increased from 9,500 to 11,000.

2. Tarka Ji

  • The Damage Multiplier of the fireball in the skill [Flame Force: Showdown] has increased from 4 to 5, with Aegis-break ability increased from 400 to 500.
  • The Rage consumption ratio of a single fireball in Ultimate [Fire Frenzy: Showdown] has reduced from 8% to 6.5%.

3. Valda Cui

  • The Aegis-break ability of the Horizontal Strike water spear in Ultimate [Rising Tide: Showdown] has increased from 200 to 1,200, with the Damage Multiplier of the Vertical Strike water spear increased from 3 to 5.

4. Kurumi

  • Increased Kurumi’s Rage limit to align with other heroes.
  • Aegis-break Martial Skill [Severing Gust] can now be unleashed by using a horizontal strike after a charged strike.

5. Temulch

  • The total Damage Multiplier of Ultimate [Zephyr Wisp: Showdown] is increased from 1.35 to 4.2, with Aegis-break ability increased from 1,350 to 4,200.

6. Yueshan

  • The duration of enemy Attack reduction in skill [Scorching Dash: Showdown] has increased from 6 sec to 8 sec.

7. Tianhai

  • Skill [Divine Bell: Showdown] grants 50% damage reduction to self for 8 sec upon release.

V. Omens Adjustments

  1. Monsters with [Impassable] Omen can now use Blue Focus moves more frequently and will lose more Astral Aegis when hit by a counter.
  2. Adjustments to Frostbite accumulation caused by some Frostbite Omens:
  • [Ice Blast]: Frostbite accumulation for each explosion has increased from 100 to 320;
  • [Frozen Earth]: Frostbite accumulation per sec has increased from 200 to 300;

VI. Anima Ring Collections

The selection of Anima Rings of different levels in Yama’s Abyss unlocks corresponding Anima Ring Collections. As the Anima Ring Collections level increases, various enhancement attributes will be unlocked, effective only in the Yama’s Abyss mode.

VII. New Showdown Item: Rebirth Bead

While playing any Showdown Stage, if you die when your default Rebirths have been used up, you can consume a Rebirth Bead and get an extra Rebirth.

VIII. Souljade Recasting Adjustments

The chance of getting an extra attribute when recasting a Souljade will increase with each recast that has not yielded an extra attribute. A Souljade that has not reached its attribute limit is guaranteed an extra attribute after 50 recasts.

//Dev Notes: Enhancement of Souljades is an important part of Showdown Mode. To deal with cases where it is difficult to acquire rare attributes, we will continue to carry out optimizations in future updates.

IX. Sense Level Adjustments

The minimum recommended Sense Level and the minimum Sense Level of dropped Souljades have increased to 450. The maximum Sense Level for a single Season has been increased to 680.

X. Other Changes

  • Now, you must clear specific levels before you can unlock and obtain the corresponding Souljades through Souljade conversion and the new Souljade Choice Gifts. Previous Souljade Choice Gifts are not subject to this change.
  • Showdown quests have been revamped. The new Showdown Quest Handbook includes weekly quests, weekly doom rewards, and season quests. Complete the corresponding quests to earn Showdown Pass XP, Quench Crystals, and Showdown Souljades.
  • Stage progress is now displayed on the map for gameplay selection in Showdown.


I. Video Playback

DirectX 12 is supported.

II. Brightness

Added [Min Brightness] and [Max Brightness] adjustments when HDR Display is enabled.

Client Optimization

  • Increased runtime resource loading speed by 30-50%, significantly reducing game stutter with hardware such as mechanical hard drives due to slow initial resource loading.
  • Further optimized multi-threading rendering performance in DirectX 12, increasing DirectX 12 rendering frame rate by 5-10%.
  • Xbox File Size Reduced
    Improved data distribution and compression methods, reduced data discrepancies, and reduced the overall amount of data in update files.

Currently applies to all Xbox Series and all Xbox Ones. This will apply to Microsoft PCs after the next update.

Bug Fixes

Hero-related Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where players hit by Zai’s [Chain Link: Suppress] move were unable to pre-input dodge commands.
  • Fixed an issue with Zai’s skills where the icon for burning damage source was incorrect.
  • Added content to the skill description of Takeda’s [Mythic Grab] regarding the determination of the downed state. The skill effects remain unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue where, during Takeda’s [Demonic Aid], the hit target was unable to dodge subsequent weapon horizontal strikes in certain situations.

II. Other Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the week number was not properly displayed on the Battlepass page.

Store Updates

I. New Packs

1. Newly added Valda Cui exclusive Pack [Gossamer Iris Pack (Valda Cui)], including Legendary Outfit [Justice·Gossamer Iris] and Legendary Hairstyle [Justice·Raptor]. Standard price: 2,600 Gold; Now: 1,360 Gold.

2. Newly added Tarka Ji exclusive Pack [Iris’ Whisper Pack (Tarka Ji)], including Legendary Outfit [Justice·Iris’ Whisper] and Legendary Haistyle [Justice·Hue]. Standard price: 2,600 Gold; Now: 1,360 Gold.

II. New Discounts

  • Tarka Ji Legendary Accessory [Zhurong’s Jadeball] (Unlock it to get a new appearance for Tarka Ji’s Ultimate “Fire Frenzy”). Standard price: 4,600 Gold; Now: 3,050 Gold.
  • Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Razor Robes]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  • Tarka Ji Legendary Accessory [Festive Dragon Head]. Standard price: 1,200; Now: 900.
  • Epic Gesture [Flutter·Left]. Standard price: 400 Gold; Now: 300 Gold.
  • Epic Gesture [Flutter·Right]. Standard price: 400; Now: 300 Gold.
  • Newly added Valda Cui Legendary Outfit [Justice·Gossamer Iris]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  • Newly added Valda Cui Legendary Hairstyle [Justice·Raptor]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.
  • Newly added Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Justice·Iris’ Whisper]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  • Newly added Tarka Ji Legendary Hairstyle [Justice·Hue]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

III. Discounts End

  • Grappling Hook Legendary Skin [Poetic Rhymes·Lion Dance] has returned to its standard price of 3,600 Gold.
  • Kurumi Legendary Hairstyle [Poetic Rhymes·Starry Bridge] has returned to its standard price of 800 Gold.
  • Matari Legendary Hairstyle [Poetic Rhymes·Lotus Dance] has returned to its standard price of 800 Gold.
  • Kurumi Legendary Gesture [Poetic Rhymes·Fish Dragon Dance] has returned to its standard price of 1,000 Gold.
  • Epic Kill Announcement [Dissipated] has returned to its standard price of 300 Gold.
  • Hadi Legendary Outfit [Dove of the Desert] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.
  • Hadi Legendary Hairstyle [Gravel] has returned to its standard price of 800 Gold.

IV. Featured Cosmetics Return for Limited Time

  • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [2674·Mech Prototype] (unlock it to get a new appearance for Feria Shen’s ultimate “Mech Mayhem”). Standard price: 5,200 Gold; Now: 3,350 Gold.
  • Feria Shen Legendary Outfit [2674·CyberKitty]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.
  • Feria Shen Epic Hairstyle [Mech Pilot]. Standard price: 500 Gold; Now: 400 Gold.
  • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [2674·GiantKitty]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.
  • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [2674·Heart Tail]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.
  • Epic Kill Announcement [Meow Meow]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.
  • Viper Ning Legendary Outfit [Dark Feline] with a standard price of 1,800 Gold.
  • Wuchen Legendary Hairstyle [Nine Ridges] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • Ziping Yin Legendary Base [Wicker Screen] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.

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