An option for ringtones that has been drastically redesigned is now being prepared by Google Contacts

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Google Contacts: A Revamped Ringtones Option on the Horizon

Google Contacts, the default contacts app on various Android devices including Pixel phones, continues to improve its functionality with regular updates. In addition to introducing new visual elements, Google frequently enhances the app’s functionality. One feature that has been in existence for a long time is the ability to set custom ringtones for each contact. Now, developers are working on providing a new and improved home for ringtones within the Google Contacts Settings page.

Revamped Ringtones Option Uncovered

Recently, a new option called “Ringtones” has emerged within the Fix & manage tab of the Google Contacts app. This discovery was made on version by the reliable GAppsLeaks page on Telegram. Previously, you would have to open the contact card, access the three-dot menu, and tap “Set ringtone” to assign a custom ringtone. However, with this new option, users can conveniently manage ringtones from within the Fix & manage tab’s Other Tools section, located below Family group and Blocked numbers.

Enhanced Management and Playability

Apart from making the process of assigning ringtones more convenient, this new page showcases all the custom contact ringtones that users have set. Each contact is accompanied by a play button, allowing users to preview the ringtone. Additionally, the name of the ringtone is specified under each contact, thanks to AssembleDebug. Any previous custom ringtone assignments will also be displayed here.

A Welcome Change, but Uncertain Future

The introduction of the new Ringtones option is undoubtedly a step towards better management of ringtones. Gone are the days of opening each contact card individually to determine if a custom ringtone has been set. However, it remains unclear if this new method will completely replace the existing process via the three-dot menu or if it will merely serve as an alternative. The source did not provide any information regarding the activation of this feature, as it is still a “work in progress.” Therefore, it may take some time before it becomes widely available.

Improving User Experience

Unlike some other Google apps, Google Contacts has not seen many feature additions in the past. Nevertheless, small tweaks aimed at enhancing the user experience are not unheard of. In mid-October, a reorganization of core options was discovered, specifically designed for ease of use on larger screens. This involved moving certain options to the bottom of the screen and removing hard-to-reach chips below the search bar, which were inconvenient for one-handed phone operation. However, these changes have not been implemented yet, raising a question about the new Ringtones option’s potential trajectory.

In conclusion, Google Contacts is taking strides toward a significantly enhanced ringtones option. With an improved layout and convenient access, managing custom contact ringtones will be much simpler. Although it remains uncertain whether this new feature will replace the existing method or merely provide an alternative, it is evident that Google Contacts is aiming to improve the user experience. As we await further updates, users can look forward to a more streamlined approach to ringtones within the Google Contacts app.

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