Introducing No Rest for the Wicked on PS5 and XSX

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Private Division has during the Game Awards No rest for the wicked presented for PS5 and Xbox Series

No rest for the wicked immerses players in a handdrawn, detailed world created in an inimitable ‘painting style’. There they explore a vast, winding island called Isola Sacra, where they can experience verticality in a way previously unknown in ARPGs and explore dark crypts, lush forests and treacherous mountain passes. In each location there are complex protagonists with their own problems, hidden treasures, wild creatures and secrets to be discovered.

With the brutal precision combat system of No rest for the wicked Moon Studios pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital combat. The game’s combat feels instant and tactile thanks to precise animations, allowing players to perform intuitive attacks and deadly moves. This innovative combat system results in an extremely satisfying gameplay experience unique to isometric ARPGs that requires skill and timing rather than simple button pressing.

“It has always been our dream to contribute something to the ARPG genre that we all grew up with and love so much. After the success of Ori, it was clear to us that Moon was now ready to finally make this dream come true,” explains Thomas Mahler, cofounder and creative director of Moon Studios. “We can’t wait to see player reactions to this completely new reinterpretation of the genre!”

The graphic is reminiscent of paintings No rest for the wicked and the brutal battles are underlined by a dark and serious backstory: the year is 841 and profound changes are casting their shadows heralded by the death of King Harol Bolein. As a peaceful transfer of power ends in chaos, a devastating conflict looms on the horizon. Adding to the political unrest, a deadly plague reemerges, plunging the remote island of Sacra and its inhabitants into disaster. In these turbulent times, players are threatened from all sides and must take up arms to defeat grotesque beasts and the invading army of the kingdom.

“For the past six years, we have been working tirelessly on our dream project an ARPG on a whole new level, fueled by our love and dedication to advanced gameplay mechanics and worldbuilding,” said Gennadiy Korol, cofounder of Technology and Production. Director of Moon Studios. “We are excited to present our own take on what we have always seen as the core values ​​of the ARPG genre, while also taking the next steps to reimagine elements that we believe are ripe for innovation.”

In multiplayer mode No rest for the wicked Players can share their world and their progress with up to three other players in the campaign’s online coop mode. You can share every quest, every boss, and every square meter of Isola Sacra… or go it alone and pursue your own goals.

“The highly talented team at Moon Studios has a proven track record of releasing great titles with unique game graphics,” said Michael Worosz, Chief Strategy Officer at TakeTwo Interactive and Head of the Private Division. “We founded Private Division with the goal of enabling the development of a game like Wicked, and I can’t wait for players to experience what Moon has created.”

No rest for the wicked is currently being undermined.

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