You are now able to send audio messages that can be heard once on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has always prioritized privacy and security when it comes to sharing sensitive information on its platform. Over the years, it has introduced various features such as view-once text or media and self-destructing messages to ensure that your private information remains confidential and does not end up in the wrong hands. And now, the messaging service has taken this a step further by allowing users to send voice messages that can only be listened to once.

Just like view-once photos and videos, view-once voice messages have an expiration time. After being played once, these messages automatically expire, ensuring that only the intended recipient can hear them. To indicate that it is a view-once voice note, a view-once icon is displayed against these messages. And of course, in line with WhatsApp’s commitment to data security, these view-once audio messages are encrypted end-to-end.

The feature of sending and receiving view-once audio messages is gradually rolling out on both Android and iPhone platforms. However, it is important to be aware of a privacy risk associated with this feature, particularly on Android devices. Android users have the ability to record the audio content using their phone’s native screen recorder. This means that if you send a view-once voice message to an Android user, there is a possibility they may start a screen recording before playing the message, thus compromising the privacy of the content.

Like view-once photos and videos, it is essential to listen to a view-once voice note within 14 days of it being sent. If you fail to do so, the message will expire, and its content will become inaccessible. It is also worth noting that forwarding, starring, or saving view-once voice messages is not possible. Additionally, if you have already opened and viewed the content of a view-once message, it will not be backed up.

The development of view-once audio messages on WhatsApp was first observed in March 2023. It then entered the beta channel, allowing a select group of users to test and experience this feature in October. WhatsApp is continuously working on enhancing its messaging platform by introducing new features. One of the most notable upcoming features is the introduction of usernames, which will further personalize and streamline user communication. Furthermore, WhatsApp has recently implemented email verification, enabling users to receive a six-digit login code on their linked email address for added security. The addition of a secret code functionality to Chat Lock has also made it more discreet and secure to access.

WhatsApp has announced that the ability to send view-once voice messages will be rolled out globally in the coming days. Therefore, it is possible that the feature might not immediately appear on your device. However, you can rest assured that WhatsApp is continuously working on improving its messaging privacy and security features, ensuring a seamless and secure communication experience for its users.

In conclusion, the introduction of view-once audio messages on WhatsApp allows users to send private voice notes that can only be listened to once. With an expiration time and end-to-end encryption, these messages ensure privacy and confidentiality. While this feature is gradually rolling out on Android and iPhone, it is important to be cautious of the privacy risk associated with Android devices and their screen recording capability. As WhatsApp continues to develop and enhance its messaging platform, introducing features such as usernames, email verification, and secret code functionality, users can look forward to secure and convenient communication. So, keep an eye out for the global rollout of view-once voice messages and enjoy a more private and secure messaging experience on WhatsApp!

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