Blizzard’s Overwatch Esports Department Hit Hard by Recent Layoffs: What Does this Mean for the Future of Overwatch Esports?

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Blizzard recently unveiled plans for a renewed Overwatch esports ecosystem, sparking renewed enthusiasm within the community for what’s to come this year and beyond. However, in a surprising turn of events, Blizzard announced that the majority of its esports department was let go as part of the recent Microsoft Gaming layoffs. This left countless members who have been dedicated to sustaining Overwatch esports without jobs.

As Esports Illustrated reported, 60 out of 72 employees in Blizzard’s esports department were dismissed, including prominent figures such as hosts Soe Gschwind and Matt Morello. This comes as a significant blow, considering both were instrumental in the announcement and reveal of the new Overwatch esports ecosystem.

It’s understandable that with Blizzard entrusting FACEIT and other tournament organizers with the responsibility of overseeing Overwatch esports in the future, the esports department would undergo significant downsizing.

The images released in relation to the Tweet show the faces of the two former Blizzard employees, who were deeply involved in the Overwatch esports scene. Their dismissal raises questions about the future of Blizzard’s esports division, further adding to the uncertainty and disappointment felt by the community.

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