Ark Survival Ascended Patch Notes 1.034.048 Update Today on February 09, 2024

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Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.034.048 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Ark Survival Ascended, make sure to update to version 1.034.048 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

ARK Survival Ascended Update 1.034.048 Patch Notes

Winter Wonderland Content Merged into Base Game

  • In this update, the Winter Wonderland content has been merged into the base game. This means that players no longer need to run the mod on their servers to access this content. The Winter Wonderland content includes various winter-themed items and creatures that add a festive touch to the game. Now, players can enjoy these features without the need for additional modifications.

Simple Game Framework Devkit Update with Steamboat Willie Game Example

  • The Simple Game Framework (SGF) Devkit has been updated in this patch. It now includes a new game example called Steamboat Willie. This example showcases the capabilities of the SGF Devkit and provides game developers with a starting point for creating their own games. The Steamboat Willie example is a fun and interactive game that players can enjoy.

CrossARK System Enabled for Official Servers

  • The CrossARK system is now enabled for Official Servers in this update. This system allows players to transfer their characters, items, and creatures between different Official Servers. It provides a seamless experience for players who want to explore different servers and play with their friends on different servers. The CrossARK system will also be coming to unofficial servers in the next week, providing even more options for players to enjoy.

Custom Cosmetic Skins Enabled with Steamboat Willie Skin and Structure Mod

  • Players can now enable custom cosmetic skins in the game with the addition of the Steamboat Willie Skin and Structure Mod. This mod introduces a new cosmetic skin set inspired by Steamboat Willie, a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon. Players can apply these custom skins to their structures and items, adding a unique and personalized touch to their gameplay experience. The Steamboat Willie Skin and Structure Mod is a great addition for players who enjoy customization and personalization in their games.

Approved Set of Custom Cosmetics for Official Servers

  • Official Servers now have an approved set of custom cosmetics featured on the Mods UI page. These custom cosmetics have been carefully curated and tested to ensure compatibility and stability on Official Servers. This curated list provides players with a selection of high-quality custom cosmetic items to choose from. Server administrators have the option to modify the approved list by adjusting the “CosmeticWhitelistOverride” option in the GameUserSettings.ini file.

Disable Custom Cosmetic System on Your Server

  • In case server administrators want to disable the custom cosmetic system on their server, they can do so by using the “-DisableCustomCosmetics” command line parameter. This parameter allows server administrators to customize the gameplay experience according to their preferences. Disabling the custom cosmetic system ensures that players on the server will not have access to any custom cosmetic skins.

Bug Fixes

This update also includes several bug fixes to enhance the gameplay experience. Some of the key bug fixes include:

1. PvE now uses a less aggressive version of the anti-mesh system, providing a more balanced gameplay experience.
2. Single Player now saves properly without any issues or errors.
3. The hitbox of the beelzebufo’s attacks has been adjusted, allowing it to more easily reach Meganeura creatures that fly above it.
4. The creature tracker’s “Low HP Creatures” filter now excludes baby creatures, providing a more accurate tracking experience.
5. Missing icons for Species X plants have been added, improving the visual representation of these plants in the game.
6. Baby Tusoteuthis creatures no longer produce oil when fed, making it less tedious to care for them.
7. Rhyniognatha’s placed structures will no longer restart their pick-up timer, providing more stability and consistency.
8. Boss corpses, such as those of the Dragon, Megapithecus, and Broodmother, can now be harvested, preventing players from getting stuck inside them.
9. Unclaimed dinos no longer count as enemy dinos when deploying a cryopod, improving the cryopod system’s functionality.
10. Amphibious dinos that require water will no longer be able to be uncryoable outside of water. This change ensures better immersion and gameplay mechanics for these creatures.
11. Kaprosuchus no longer has points added to its oxygen stat, as it does not use it. This fix improves the accuracy of stats and abilities for this creature.
12. Baby age progress is now displayed on tracked tamed points of interest (POI), allowing players to track the growth and development of their tamed baby creatures.
13. The hotbar quick swap now respects keybinds instead of using set keys 1 through 0. This change allows players to customize their hotbar swapping according to their preferred keybinds.
14. Dynamic text has been added to the Spray Painter and Tek Binoculars descriptions for gamepad controls, improving the accessibility and usability of these items for players using gamepads.
15. Certain terrain in the Megapithecus boss arena can no longer be based on, preventing players from cheesing the bossfight.
16. An issue that caused a visual obstruction/flicker in first-person view (FPV) when a weapon is equipped has been fixed, providing a smoother visual experience for players.
17. Oxygen now properly regenerates on dinos and players when swimming at the surface of water, ensuring balanced gameplay mechanics for underwater exploration.
18. Species X plants can no longer be picked up, preventing unintended interactions and gameplay exploits.
19. Tek roof, ramp, and stairs can now be ground, allowing players to easily modify and upgrade their Tek structures.
20. Missing descriptions for Tek Leggings and Tek Gauntlets have been added, providing players with accurate information about these items’ features and abilities.
21. Sarco’s bite attacks have been adjusted to avoid missing the majority of their attacks, improving their combat effectiveness.
22. Tek Turrets can no longer be placed on motorboats on Official servers, ensuring fair gameplay and balance in PvP situations.
23. Rubberbanding when using Tek Leggings ability to move while overencumbered has been fixed, reducing gameplay disruptions and improving player control.
24. Multiple display issues of cryopodded dinos in the Display Case have been fixed, improving the visual representation of these creatures.
25. Flyers no longer walk forward on their own after landing and using the “Whistle flyer to land” command, providing better control and usability for these creatures.
26. The visual effect of Tek Gloves no longer gets stuck on the player after using a Tek Teleporter on a server, improving the visual clarity and immersion.
27. The “Default Location” is now properly displayed on Tek Teleporters on servers, ensuring accurate information for players.
28. Players no longer get stuck inside Alpha Carno with flyers, such as Rhyniognatha, preventing frustrating gameplay situations.
29. Gigantopithecus can now be pixel painted, allowing players to customize the appearance of these creatures.
30. An issue causing poop to visually disappear on the ground has been fixed, ensuring proper visual representation of this game element.
31. Water dinos no longer instantly die when teleporting away from them in Singleplayer, providing a more stable and balanced gameplay experience.
32. Hitscan weapons can now properly damage flyers that are carrying players, ensuring fair combat mechanics.
33. Arthropleura creatures no longer visually float up above the structure they are based on, improving visual clarity and immersion.
34. Ladders can no longer be snapped down from hatch frames when next to walls, preventing unintended placement and gameplay exploits.
35. An issue causing tames on the Dino tracker to be highlighted erroneously has been fixed, ensuring accurate tracking information for players.
36. An issue that allowed unpowered Tek Teleporters to be teleported to has been fixed, preventing unintended interactions and game imbalances.
37. A typo in the Dino tracker has been fixed, improving the readability and accuracy of tracking information.
38. A player character teeth texture issue has been fixed, ensuring accurate visual representation of characters’ appearance.
39. The female training dummy now holds weapons correctly, improving the visual accuracy and immersion.
40. Clients connected to a non-dedicated server now experience smoother movement with improved fps, providing a more enjoyable gameplay experience.
41. The visual effect of the scuba mask now properly deactivates when switching between first-person view (FPV) and third-person view (TPV) and riding a raft, ensuring visual consistency and clarity.
42. Rank icons on certain structures now match up correctly with the actual rank, improving visual consistency and accuracy.
43. The Battle Tartare recipe is no longer missing from the Industrial Cooker and Cooking Pot, ensuring players can properly craft this item.
44. The “Enable Public Transport” toggle is no longer available without the Tek Teleporter engram, preventing unintended access to this feature.
45. An issue that allowed players to get outside of the Dragon Arena on some dinos has been fixed, preventing unintended exploration and gameplay exploits.
46. The Cryofridge now displays “Enter Pin Code” instead of “Show Cryopod Range” for allies, providing clear instructions for accessing its features.
47. Ankylosaurus creatures no longer collect berries with their main attack, ensuring balanced resource gathering mechanics.
48. Several issues caused by Giant Bee sting attacks have been fixed, improving the overall combat experience with these creatures.
49. Cryopodding dinos no longer removes the tribe name from Tek Binoculars, ensuring proper identification and tracking of these creatures.
50. Players can now properly cryopod dinos after removing them from a Procoptodon pouch, preventing gameplay disruptions and frustrations.
51. Players can no longer dismount other players with Baryonyx creatures in PvE, ensuring fair and balanced gameplay interactions.
52. Inclusion/Exclusion turret options now work correctly, allowing players to customize their turret settings accurately.
53. Moschops creatures no longer have inconsistencies when harvesting special resources, ensuring proper resource gathering capabilities.
54. An issue that caused players to fall out of the bed they were laying in has been fixed, improving the reliability and functionality of beds.
55. Damage over time effects now properly deal damage due to the “digesting” buff, ensuring balanced combat mechanics.
56. Corpses no longer block projectiles and instant hit weapons, allowing for smoother and more realistic gameplay interactions.
57. Players can no longer move faster on land than intended using Scuba flippers, ensuring balanced movement mechanics.
58. The “Wants Care In” tooltip now properly displays when holding the E key with the Dino Tooltip option set to “Only Action,” providing accurate information for players.
59. Procoptodon creatures now properly play kick animations when the server is under stress, ensuring consistent and immersive gameplay.
60. A Battleye timeout issue after ascension has been fixed, preventing disruptions in servers and gameplay.
61. Equus creatures can now be tamed with a gamepad, eliminating previous issues with instant dismounting on input.
62. The Minimap now displays correct coordinates, improving navigation and orientation for players.
63. Spectator Mode now properly stays locked onto players, ensuring accurate observation and recording capabilities.
64. Already installed mods no longer show as needing to be installed when joining a server, improving the matchmaking process and reducing confusion for players.
65. PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt now works with the -exclusivejoin parameter, ensuring accurate management of player access and permissions.
66. Various console commands used to gain visual advantages have been disabled, ensuring fair and balanced gameplay for all players.
67. Multiple exploits have been fixed, preventing unintended interactions and gameplay imbalances.
68. Client crashes related to painted canvases have been fixed, improving stability and performance.
69. Multiple server crashes have been fixed, ensuring a smoother and more reliable multiplayer experience.

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