Experience the Outbreak Season in Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a gameplay trailer for the breakout season Apex Legends published. This starts tomorrow and we can find all the information in the press release:

Apex Legends: Outbreak offers players plenty of new content, collectibles and special events:

  • Legend upgrades: Players upgrade their Legend with EVO Points and choose skill upgrades to customize all Legends to their individual playstyle and combat needs.
  • New classification system: List points are now ranking points and there are bonuses for kills, placements and eliminating higher level squads.
  • Thunderdome with Mixtape Challenges: Here, legends can make a name for themselves in the Outlands and beyond and play with the mixtape gun racing, team deathmatch and checking for new POIs (points of interest) playlist.
  • Breakout Rewards:
    • Six unlockable legends: The roster includes Fuse, Seer, Rampart, Mad Maggie, Loba and Valkyrie and offers players unique challenges
    • Give gifts to friends: Every two weeks, players can give friends free items that are thematically linked to the unlockable legends.
    • Limited Completion Rewards: Players can complete individual challenges to earn even more rewards, such as a Reactive Flatline Skin, a Legendary Wraith Skin and matching cosmetic items.
  • 120 FPS Performance Mode: In addition to the 120 FPS mode for the console, there are new controller extensions such as haptics and adaptive triggers.
  • Collection event: For their fifth anniversary, the legends make a splash in the new game mode with a variety of cosmetic items.
    • Temporary Direct Shot Mode: In this limitedtime mode, ten squads drop at predefined POIs near fully equipped weapons and combatready enemy squads.
      • Faster Games: Faster ring rounds speed up the fight.
      • Shorter queues: Return to the game without going through the lobby.
    • Cosmetic items: In Apex Legends: Outbreak, players will have access to 24 limitedtime cosmetic event items.
      • Heirloom shards: Players who collect all limitedtime cosmetic items will receive 150 Heirloom Shards and can purchase a Mythic item of their choice from the Mythic Shop.

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