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The GNOME 46 desktop is gearing up for its stable release on 16 March. As the UI, feature, and API/ABI freezes are put into place today, it seems that the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) integration may not make the cut in time. This Week in GNOME highlighted the ongoing work around VRR, including refining the settings UI and updating the VRR backend support.

Dor Askayo shared updates on the variable refresh rate support for Mutter’s native back-end. This included fixing a Firefox stuttering issue, adding dynamic frame scheduling support, and wiring up KMS thread coexistence, among other improvements. However, it is still considered an experimental feature and requires a gsettings command-line experimental feature option to be set.

Despite this progress, the code has not been merged, and with the freezes in place today, it’s uncertain if it will make it to GNOME 46 unless it’s accepted as a late experimental feature for wider-spread testing. However, GNOME VRR support will be polished for the GNOME 47 cycle in the fall, thanks to funding from Germany’s Sovereign Tech Fund.

It’s fascinating to see the intricate work being done to enhance the user experience of the GNOME 46 desktop. From refining the settings UI to addressing technical issues, the commitment to improving the VRR integration is evident. With funding from a notable tech fund, the future looks bright for GNOME’s VRR support. Keep an eye out for the release of GNOME 46, and stay tuned for further developments in the autumn with GNOME 47.

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