iOS 17.4 Beta Introduces Virtual Card Number Feature for Apple Cash, Enhancing Payment Flexibility for iPhone Users

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The latest iOS 17.4 beta update brings with it an exciting new feature for iPhone users – the ability to generate a virtual card number for Apple Cash. This addition has been eagerly anticipated by many avid Apple fans and has been making waves on Reddit in recent weeks. The introduction of virtual card numbers allows iPhone users to make payments with Apple Cash even when Apple Pay is not available, effectively eliminating one of the major limitations of Apple’s built-in Venmo-like service.

The virtual card number feature may not have been rolled out to every beta user just yet. However, it is easy to check if you have access to this feature. Simply open the Wallet app on your iPhone, tap on your Apple Cash card, and look for a message below your balance that invites you to set up a virtual card number. The setup process itself is a simple and straightforward two-step procedure.

Once you have successfully created a virtual card number, you can access the newly-generated card information by tapping on the three dots menu located in the top right corner. This will allow you to view details such as the expiration date and three-digit security code associated with your virtual card number. It is worth noting that Apple Cash still utilizes a separate card number for Apple Pay transactions. To access this information, you will need to navigate to the “Additional Card Numbers” section, which is another menu deeper from the card number info screen.

The introduction of the virtual card number feature is particularly beneficial for frequent users of Apple Cash. Despite the widespread adoption of Apple Pay, there are still numerous establishments where this payment method is not supported. With the virtual card number feature, users can now auto-fill their Apple Cash card number, alleviating the need to transfer funds to their bank account. This is especially advantageous for those who opt for the instant transfer option, as transferring money directly to their bank incurs a small fee. In contrast, choosing the free 1 to 3 business day alternative ensures a fee-free transaction.

Overall, the iOS 17.4 beta update introduces the highly anticipated virtual card number feature for Apple Cash, significantly enhancing payment flexibility for iPhone users. With the ability to generate a virtual card number, Apple Cash users are no longer limited by the availability of Apple Pay. This feature allows for seamless payments in locations where Apple Pay is not supported, making it a welcome addition for those who rely heavily on Apple Cash for their financial transactions. Auto-fill functionality further streamlines the user experience, while the option for instant transfers or the free 1 to 3 business day alternative provides added convenience and flexibility. With iOS 17.4 beta, Apple continues to prioritize user convenience and expand the capabilities of its innovative payment services.

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