Lethal Company’s Complete Guide to Titan Moon

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Lethal Company takes players on a thrilling retrofuturistic adventure through the depths of space. As employees of The Company, players must explore far and distant exomoons to meet the profit quota by finding valuable scrap. Among all the moons available for exploration in the game, 8-Titan stands out as the most expensive and challenging one.

Despite its Hard difficulty rating and high hazard level, Titan offers the most valuable scrap and the highest amount of potential loot. However, navigating the treacherous terrain of this dangerous moon requires careful preparation and familiarity with Titan’s map, weather conditions, and fauna. In this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information to successfully navigate and survive on Titan.

How to Navigate Titan’s Map

Titan presents a unique challenge with its frozen and rocky terrain, which suggests that the moon was previously mined for resources. The rugged landscape makes navigation extremely difficult, even for experienced players. Additionally, Titan boasts the largest facility map size in the game, making it easy to get lost within the sprawling industrial complex.

To ensure a successful run on Titan, it is essential to bring along some key tools. An Extension Ladder will come in handy for accessing higher areas. A Boombox can be used to create distractions and attract enemies, providing an opportunity to sneak past them. Walkie-talkies will help maintain communication with your crew and ensure a coordinated exploration.

Titan’s allure lies in its massive loot table, offering the potential to collect up to 38 Scrap parts. The value of the loot on Titan is significantly greater compared to other moons, classifying it as a Tier 3 moon. However, with its extensive indoor layout and intricate network of tunnels, players must exercise caution to avoid getting lost or encountering dangerous monsters.

Weather Conditions on Titan

Similar to Rend and Dine, Titan is a frozen moon characterized by its snowy, mountainous environment. However, it stands apart by lacking the constant winds and blizzards experienced on other moons. The weather conditions on Titan can manifest as Foggy, Stormy, or Eclipsed.

Before embarking on a journey to Titan, it is crucial to check the current weather conditions on the Terminal. This information will help you prepare for the potential challenges you may face. It is advisable to avoid landing on Titan during an ongoing Eclipse, as it can lead to the loss of all your collected scrap.

How to Find the Main Entrance and Fire Exit on Titan

After landing on Titan, your first task is to locate the main entrance to the facility. Fortunately, Titan’s relatively small exterior map makes this objective achievable. As you disembark from the ship, you will immediately encounter a set of stairs leading upwards. Simply ascend these stairs, and you will find the main entrance at the top.

In addition to the main entrance, Titan features a Fire Exit for your escape. Departing from the main entrance, if players head left and follow the railing, they will come across the fire exit. Alternatively, you can jump off the ship and traverse along the opposite side of the main entrance stairs. Eventually, you will stumble upon a small hill that leads to a second set of stairs. Ascending these stairs brings you to the fire exit.

Both routes take a similar amount of time, so choose the one that suits your preference. Regardless of the path chosen, you will eventually reach the same fire exit. As the fire exit is conveniently close to the ship, many players are willing to take the risk and farm this moon for valuable credits.

All Enemies on Titan

Titan presents a formidable challenge, offering the largest indoor map layout and a staggering 18 potential indoor spawns. While the outside area is relatively small, outdoor entities such as the Eyeless Dog and Forest Keeper pose an immediate threat. Their increased presence early on in the moon’s exploration means players have limited hiding spots and may easily be pursued by these dangerous creatures.

Within the facility, players will encounter Lethal Company’s toughest creatures, including the Jester, Nutcracker, Bracken, and Coil-Head. To protect yourself from these formidable foes, ensure you are equipped with suitable tools. A Shovel can be used for close combat encounters, while a Stun Grenade or Zap Gun can provide a tactical advantage when facing off against multiple enemies.

Forest Keepers and Eyeless Dogs have the potential to spawn anywhere on the moon, including the stairs leading to the main entrance and fire exit. By utilizing the Boombox, you can create distractions that draw the attention of Eyeless Dogs, giving you an opportunity to navigate past them safely.

Hazard Level Difficulty Level Travel Cost
S+ Hard 700 credits


Indoor Enemies

The following table provides a complete list of all enemies that players may encounter inside the facility on Titan:

Entity Chance to Spawn
Jester 12.59%
Nutcracker 12.59%
Bracken 10.99%
Coil Head 10.46%
Bunker Spider 10.46%
Snare Flea 9.57%
Thumper 9.57%
Hoarding Bug 6.74%
The Masked 5.67%
Ghost Girl 4.96%
Hygrodere 3.55%
Spore Lizard 2.84%


Outdoor Enemies

Venturing beyond the Facility on Titan exposes players to the following enemies lurking in the shadows:

Entity Chance to Spawn
Eyeless Dog 68.97%
Forest Keeper 27.59%
Earth Leviathan 3.45%


Exploring the depths of space on Titan in Lethal Company is a thrilling and challenging experience. As you navigate the frozen, rocky terrain and explore the expansive industrial complex, it is crucial to equip yourself with the essential tools and knowledge to survive. Familiarize yourself with Titan’s map, check the weather conditions, and stay alert for the numerous enemies that lurk both indoors and outdoors. With careful planning and strategy, you can maximize your chances of success and bring back valuable loot from this treacherous moon.

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