Palworld Guide: Mastering Arrows and Bows – Crafting, Types, and Farming Strategies

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Palworld Arrow Crafting Guide: Types, Crafting, and Farming Strategies

Palworld offers a wide range of weapons to aid you in battles, and amongst them, arrows stand out as a versatile and essential tool. Arrows can play a crucial role in assisting your pals during their fights by inflicting extra damage on opponents. While the game provides superior weapon options, in the initial stages, you will primarily rely on arrows since other weapons become available only when you reach Technology Level 21 and construct the Weapon Workbench. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all aspects of arrows in Palworld, including their types, crafting methods, and farming strategies.

All Arrows and How to Craft Them

In Palworld, the first arrow you unlock is the Standard Arrow, which pairs with the Old Bow. However, as you progress through the game and collect pal materials like Venom Glands or Flame Organs, additional arrow types become available.

Flame Organs are obtained from Fire-type pals such as Foxparks or Rooby, while Venom Glands can be harvested from Dark-type pals like Depresso or Daedream. Let’s take a closer look at all the arrow types in Palworld and their respective crafting requirements:

Arrow Name Resources Needed Bow Needed
Standard Arrow 1 Wood, 1 Stone Old Bow, Crossbow, Three Shot Bow
Fire Arrow 3 Wood, 3 Stone, 3 Fire Organ Fire Bow, Fire Crossbow
Poison Arrow 3 Wood, 3 Stone, 1 Venom Gland Poison Bow, Poison Crossbow

All Bows and How to Craft Them

In Palworld, each arrow type can only be used with specific bows, so crafting the appropriate bow becomes necessary. The game offers seven different types of bows for the three available arrow types. Let’s take a closer look at each bow and its crafting requirements:

Bow Name Resources Needed Compitable Arrows
Old Bow 30 Wood, 5 Stone, 15 Fiber Standard Arrows
Fire Bow 40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fiber, 2 Flame Organs Fire Bows
Poison Bow 40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fiber, 2 Venom Glands Poison Arrows
Crossbow 50 Wood, 40 Stone, 10 Ingot, 5 Nails Standard Arrows
Fire Arrow Crossbow 50 Wood, 40 Stone, 10 Ingot, 5 Nails. 5 Fire Organ Fire Arrows
Poison Arrow Crossbow 50 Wood, 40 Stone, 10 Ingot, 5 Nails, 5 Venom Glands Poison Arrows
Three Shot Bow 50 Wood, 12 Stone, 30 Fiber Standard Arrows


How to Farm Arrows

Even after unlocking firearms, it can be quite challenging to obtain the necessary resources for manufacturing guns and ammunition. This makes bows and arrows a viable weapon choice as you continue to explore the map and search for new pals. Arrows like Fire and Poison inflict elemental damage, which proves particularly effective against pals who are weak against fire or dark elementals based on the type chart.

Moreover, arrows with fire or poison cause additional damage to all targets, significantly reducing their health and making it easier to capture them. To ensure you never run out of ammunition during combat, you’ll need to farm a substantial number of arrows.

The process of Arrow farming in Palworld is relatively straightforward and requires minimal time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to farm arrows effectively:

1. Establish Plantations:

– Build a berry or wheat plantation in your base.
– Assign pals with the Planting, Farming, Watering, and Transportation abilities, ensuring efficient management of the plantations.

2. Set up Logging and Mining:

– Construct a Logging Site by assigning a pal with Lumbering workability. This will ensure a constant supply of wood for arrow crafting.
– Build a Stone Pit and assign a pal with mining workability to gather stones, another crucial resource for arrow production.

3. Acquire Elemental Materials:

– To create elemental arrows like Fire Arrows or Poison Arrows, you will need specific materials.
– Fire Organs can be obtained from Fire-type pals like Foxparks or Rooby.
– Venom Glands can be acquired from Dark-type pals such as Depresso or Daedream.

4. Procure Materials:

– Acquire Fire Organs or Venom Glands by trading gold money with the wandering merchant or capturing fire and dark-type pals.

5. Craft Arrows:

– Visit the Primitive Workbench and set up production for the desired number of arrows.
– Assign a pal with Handiwork workability to the workbench, ensuring a continuous supply of crafted arrows.

By following these farming strategies, you can maintain a plentiful supply of arrows in your inventory, making you well-prepared and well-equipped for battles.

In Palworld, understanding the intricacies of bows and arrows is crucial for success in battles. With a variety of arrow types and compatible bows, you can enhance your combat capabilities and deal significant damage to opponents. Additionally, farming arrows ensures that you never run out of ammunition during critical moments. By implementing the crafting and farming strategies outlined in this guide, you can maximize your inventory and increase your chances of capturing desirable pals. Equipped with the right knowledge and skills, you can become a formidable force in Palworld and enjoy an exhilarating gaming experience.

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