Super Bowl LVIII: The Ultimate Tech Experience for Chiefs and 49ers Fans

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Get ready for an unprecedented Super Bowl experience, as Super Bowl LVIII is set to be a technological marvel. From the moment fans step into the Allegiant Stadium, they will be greeted by the largest outdoor LED display ever used in football, courtesy of Samsung. The 27,600 sq. ft. display is just one of the 2,553 displays found throughout the stadium, creating an immersive environment for Chiefs and 49ers football fans.

The game will be captured by a staggering 165 cameras, including 24 robotic cameras, 23 AR cameras, and 3 drones. Slow-motion replays will be captured using Sony HDC-4800 cameras, with the ability to shoot at up to 479.52 frames per second. Six new cameras will also be added to the uprights, inspired by last year’s famous “doink” moment.

Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and the Bikini Bottom cast will make an appearance during a special simulcast, using green screen technology and AR cameras to bring the beloved characters to life. Additionally, a collaboration with Roblox will bring the fun of SpongeBob to fans online.

The production team has also employed cutting-edge technology to create player videos, utilizing a virtual stage and Unreal Engine to place players in unique environments without them being physically present. There’s even talk of a debut of the Digital Athlete in Super Bowl 2024, a collaboration between the NFL and Amazon Web Services to improve player health and safety using AI and machine learning.

For fans in attendance, Verizon has installed over 200 5G mmWave radios throughout the stadium to handle the massive data requirements. And to keep all this technology secure, over 100 agencies including the FBI and NORAD have collaborated to ensure the game’s security is top-notch.

It’s clear that Super Bowl LVIII is not just a football game – it’s a showcase of the latest and greatest in technology, from the immersive fan experiences to cutting-edge player safety measures. So sit back and enjoy the game, because the future of sports entertainment is on full display at this year’s Super Bowl.

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