Amnesia: The Bunker Patch Notes 1.81 Update Today on February 13, 2024

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Amnesia: The Bunker Update 1.81 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Amnesia: The Bunker, make sure to update to version 1.81 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Amnesia: The Bunker Update 1.81

New ‘Very Easy’ Difficulty Preset

  • In the latest update for Amnesia: The Bunker, players will now have access to a brand new difficulty setting called ‘Very Easy’. This preset is geared towards players who may be new to the game or prefer a more relaxed and casual experience. With this new option, players will be able to enjoy the game without the added stress and difficulty found in the higher difficulty settings.

Toggle Mode for Leaning

  • To enhance gameplay mechanics and provide players with more control, a toggle mode for leaning has been implemented in this update. This means that players can now toggle between leaning and standing upright, allowing for better navigation and exploration of the game’s environments.

Increased Subtitle Font Size

  • In response to player feedback, the subtitle font size for the ‘Very Large’ option has been increased. This improvement aims to enhance the accessibility of the game for players who may have visual impairments or prefer larger text sizes.

Camera Shake Disabled with ‘Reduced Camera Motion’

  • For players who prefer a smoother gameplay experience, camera shake has been disabled when the ‘Reduced Camera Motion’ option is enabled. This change eliminates distractions and ensures a more visually comfortable experience for players.

Improved Photo Aesthetics and Readability

  • To further enhance the immersive experience, the aesthetics and readability of some of the in-game photos have been improved. This update aims to create a more visually pleasing environment for players, allowing them to fully appreciate the game’s artistry and attention to detail.

Resolved Torch State Lock Issue

  • A bug that previously caused players to become locked inside the torch state when the use item toggle mode was enabled has been resolved. This fix ensures that players can seamlessly switch between different items and actions without getting stuck in a particular state, providing a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Fixed Fuse Interact Icon Bug

  • In certain situations within the Officer Hub, players would encounter a bug where the fuse interact icon would erroneously appear. This issue has been addressed, ensuring that players can interact with the correct objects in a consistent manner, enhancing overall gameplay clarity and coherence.

Earn ‘Toot Sweet’ Achievement on 120 FPS

  • Previously, players encountered difficulties in earning the ‘Toot Sweet’ achievement when playing on 120 FPS. This issue has been sorted out, allowing players to now successfully unlock the achievement regardless of their chosen frame rate. This fix ensures that all players are able to fully enjoy and complete all the challenges the game has to offer, regardless of their graphics settings.

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