Nintendo Switch 2 Delayed to 2025: Insider Insights and Price Predictions Revealed

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Nintendo Switch 2 is now anticipated to launch in 2025, as per a recent statement by Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe. Lippe, in a video posted by OX do Controle, mentioned that he received insights from five distinct sources regarding the delay of the much-anticipated successor to the popular Nintendo Switch console.

This update has caused a stir in the gaming community, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of the next-generation console. The sources also disclosed that Nintendo is concentrating on creating compelling first-party titles to coincide with the console’s launch, originally scheduled for 2024.

Speculations about the delay have been circulating in the industry, with Eurogamer also reporting similar rumblings from industry informants. Nonetheless, these assertions have not yet been officially confirmed.

As indicated by the sources, third-party game companies were recently briefed on the internal delay of Nintendo’s next-generation debut, shifted from late 2024 to early 2025. A publishing source suggested that the delay is to enable Nintendo to prepare more robust first-party software for the console.

If these reports are accurate, the timing of the Nintendo Switch 2 launch may mirror that of its predecessor, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch was unveiled a year before its release in March, hinting that the Switch 2 may follow a similar schedule.

Eurogamer has reported that the console’s launch has been rescheduled to early next year, within the upcoming financial year. This move is purportedly aimed at ensuring a diverse lineup of titles for the Switch 2. Two development sources have indicated their current work on Switch 2 games planned for an early release next year, without confirming if this implies a delayed console launch.

Nintendo has refrained from commenting publicly on these rumors or its plans for the upcoming console. During a recent earnings meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa declined to discuss future console plans, reiterating that the current Nintendo Switch iteration will be the primary focus leading into 2024. The company’s strategy for the next fiscal year will be disclosed at its upcoming earnings briefing in May.

It’s important to note that Nintendo’s next fiscal year extends until April 2025, indicating that a console launch remains feasible, even if delayed to 2025.

Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games, has shared his insights on the new Nintendo console. Toto predicts that the Nintendo Switch 2 might debut at $400, $100 higher than the original Switch’s launch price. He also speculates that games for the new console could adopt the $70 pricing observed with many PS5 and Xbox Series X/S titles.

Moreover, Toto suggests that the next Nintendo console will retain portable functionality, a key feature of the Switch’s success. This implies that Nintendo aims to uphold the convenience and adaptability of the Switch while possibly introducing new innovations and features with the Switch 2.

Though fans may be disheartened by the delay, the promise of stronger first-party titles and potential advancements in gaming technology with the Switch 2 is undeniably thrilling. The accuracy of these rumors and predictions remains to be seen, but Nintendo enthusiasts will surely monitor any updates on the Nintendo Switch 2 and its launch plans.

As the gaming industry evolves, the excitement surrounding console releases, game development, and industry trends remains high. With ongoing technological progress, gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest innovations and features offered by new consoles.

Insiders and experts in the industry, such as Dr. Serkan Toto, provide valuable perspectives on the gaming market. Their analyses and forecasts illuminate the strategies and tactics employed by game companies to stay competitive in the constantly evolving gaming arena.

While awaiting further details from Nintendo and additional developments in the gaming sector, staying informed through reliable sources like credible journalists and industry experts is crucial. The debut of the Nintendo Switch 2 is eagerly awaited by the gaming community, and only time will reveal when it will finally arrive.

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