Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Patch Notes 1.21 Update Today on February 19, 2024

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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising has rolled out its latest update, version 1.21, now downloadable on PC. This update brings various bug fixes, enhancements, and improvements to elevate the player’s gaming experience. The update size can vary based on the platform being used. If you’re currently immersed in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, it’s advisable to update to version 1.21 to enjoy the newest additions and fixes.

New DLC Character: 2B

A significant addition in this update is the inclusion of the new DLC character, 2B. Players now have access to 2B as a playable character. Additionally, 2B is also available as a Premium Avatar, enabling players to personalize their gaming experience with this beloved character. Several enhancements have been made to 2B, including the addition of a music track, weapon skins, badges, titles, card design, sticker, and Figure Studio poses and expressions.

To unlock 2B as a playable character and access these features (excluding stickers), players can find 2B in the Rupie Shop under Special Content for purchase. It’s worth noting that purchases made through the Special Content tab do not include a bonus serial code.

To aid players in understanding 2B’s unique skills comprehensively, a new gameplay guide video has been released on YouTube. This guide showcases 2B’s abilities, serving as a valuable resource for players aiming to master this character.

Enhancements in Battles and Online Matches

The update focuses on enhancing battles and online matches to offer players a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Notable improvements include a reduction in input delay specifically for the PS5 version, ensuring quicker and more responsive gameplay.

Another significant addition is the incorporation of Oceania as a selectable server in online Ranked and Casual Matches. This enables players in the Oceania region to have a more optimized gaming experience with reduced latency. Players can further enhance their online gameplay by adjusting their network region in the System Settings.

For improved visibility and information on network quality, a network quality indicator (RTT) has been added to the pre-match confirmation screen before Ranked and Casual Matches. This indicator displays the RTT millisecond value, providing players with clear insights into their network’s performance.

To keep players engaged and rewarded, weekly challenges have been introduced. By completing these challenges, players can earn rupies to enhance their gaming experience and unlock various in-game content. Additionally, players now have visibility of all available challenges, enabling them to plan their gameplay effectively.

In online matchmaking, adjustments have been made to reflect the player’s voice language setting for the opponent character, ensuring a consistent and immersive gaming experience for all players.

Furthermore, the update resolves an issue where the player’s Top Versus Rank did not influence DLC characters’ starting Versus Rank. Starting from Version 1.21, all new DLC characters will begin two ranks below the player’s Top Versus Rank as originally intended.

General Fixes and Enhancements

This update introduces several general fixes and enhancements to address various issues and enhance the overall game quality. Some of these fixes include:

– Addressed an issue where an opponent using Lunalu in an online match would display a character level of 0.
– Resolved a crossplay setting discrepancy affecting matchmaking when crossplay was disabled in System Settings but matched with players having the same platform settings in Casual and Ranked Matches.
– Fixed an issue causing application errors when specific keys were pressed on a keyboard on certain stages.
– Resolved an anomaly in Story Mode where using certain skills in chapter 79 would disrupt battle progression.

Enhancements in Online Lobby, Profile, and Partners

The update brings enhancements to the online lobby, profile, and partner systems, offering players more customization and personalization options. Key enhancements include:

– Added the option to equip Weapon Cutouts in the online lobby for further avatar customization.
– Introduced a cutout of 2B in the lobby for players to showcase their affinity for the character.
– Rectified a character card design issue for Avatar Belial 3 in the profile section.
– Adjusted and added new playback conditions for certain partner voices, providing players with more options for experiencing the game.

Improved User Interface and Draw Tickets

The update includes user interface improvements, making it easier for players to navigate and access various features. Players can now view the number of obtained and unobtained Weapon Cutouts on the selection screen, facilitating better customization and management of in-game items.

Additionally, new Weapon Cutouts have been introduced, offering players more options to enhance their gaming experience and customize their avatar’s appearance.

Other Fixes and Additions

The update addresses several minor issues and bugs to enhance the gameplay experience. Some notable fixes and additions include:

– Resolved an issue causing the game to freeze or lose focus when viewing a profile from the Match History screen.
– Rectified a display issue with item names in the Gift Crate.
– Added trophy names for specific languages on the PS5 version.
– Addressed various text bugs and applied minor fixes to improve game quality.

Battle and Character Adjustments

The update includes adjustments related to battles and specific characters to enhance gameplay balance and fairness. Notable adjustments include:

– Enhanced the reach for close-range standing attacks for some characters to reduce whiffing.
– Extended the distance triggering the Raging Strike evade animation.
– Added input buffering for specific inputs during crouching for smoother gameplay.
– Increased input buffering leniency for wake-up, landing after mid-air recovery, and grounded recovery.
– Addressed issues with early attacks after landing from a jump and technical input damage buffs.
– Made character-specific adjustments for Lancelot, Percival, Ladiva, Ferry, Zeta, Narmaya, Cagliostro, Seox, Siegfried, Grimnir, Nier, Avatar Belial, and Lucilius.


Issue Details
Close-Range Standing Extended the reach for some characters to mitigate whiffing.
Evade Extended the distance that triggers the Raging Strike evade animation. The animation now triggers even just outside the hit range.
Added Input Buffering Introduced input buffering for specific inputs during crouching to enhance gameplay fluidity.
Input Buffering Leniency Extended input buffering leniency upon wake-up, landing after mid-air recovery, and grounded recovery by two frames.
Block Button Fixed an issue allowing early attacks when pressing the block button simultaneously upon landing from a jump.
Technical Inputs Addressed an issue where damage buffs persisted during technical input changes.

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