King of Fighters 15 Patch Notes 2.31 Update Today on February 20, 2024

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The long-awaited King of Fighters 15 Update 2.31 is now live! This update is accessible on all platforms, including PC, and brings a host of exciting enhancements, bug fixes, and improved gameplay experiences. Players are urged to update to version 2.31 to enjoy the latest upgrades and fixes.

General Updates:

In the newest King of Fighters 15 update, numerous improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to elevate the overall gaming experience. From platform enhancements to enhancements in the download process, this update aims to tackle known issues and introduce new features. Let’s dive into the specifics of this update.

Trials Enhancements:

One of the resolved issues in this update is related to certain demonstrations not displaying properly. Players can now experience a smoother and more accurate demonstration process.

Advance Strike Improvements:

Players previously encountered an issue where the camera would linger in a close-up view under specific circumstances. This issue has been fixed to ensure the camera behaves as intended during gameplay.

WHIP Adjustments:

Sonic Slaughter Changes:

Previously, opponents could be hit by projectiles even when being attacked, leading to certain issues. This update has made opponents invulnerable to projectiles while being hit, fixing these problems for a more balanced and immersive gaming experience.

CHRIS Updates:

Advance Strike Tweaks:

Another issue addressed in this update is the duration of the Advance Strike animation for CHRIS. Previously, the animation would extend longer when the character’s Guard Point activated at a specific moment. This issue has been rectified for smoother and consistent gameplay for CHRIS.


Advance Strike Updates:

Similar to CHRIS, OROCHI CHRIS experienced animation duration issues with the Advance Strike. This problem has been resolved in Update 2.31, ensuring that the animation duration aligns with the intended gameplay mechanics.



In the Boss Challenge mode, players could circumvent certain Super Special Moves using counter moves or Guard Points. This unintended behavior has been fixed in the latest update, heightening the challenge and fairness of gameplay.

Besides these specific updates and bug fixes, King of Fighters 15 Update 2.31 includes general improvements to enhance various game aspects. From character animations to gameplay mechanics fixes, players can anticipate smoother and more enjoyable battles.

The update also enhances the trials feature, addressing issues where demonstrations were inaccurately displayed. This improvement ensures players gain a better understanding of the game mechanics through precise demonstrations.

With resolved camera issues during certain Advance Strike scenarios, players can now relish uninterrupted gameplay, with the camera behaving as expected to offer a better view of the action.

Moreover, specific character adjustments have been made to guarantee a well-balanced gaming experience. WHIP’s Sonic Slaughter now ensures opponents are invulnerable to projectiles when being hit, leading to fairer gameplay and enhanced strategic decision-making.

Both CHRIS and OROCHI CHRIS have had their Advance Strike animation durations fixed, eliminating the issue of extended animation duration. This enhancement delivers a more consistent and immersive experience when playing with these characters.

In the Boss Challenge mode, Omega Rugal’s Super Special Moves can no longer be evaded using counter moves or Guard Points, increasing the challenge and excitement, making encounters with Omega Rugal more exhilarating and intense.

With these updates and enhancements, King of Fighters 15 continues to evolve, providing a refined and enjoyable gaming experience. The developers are dedicated to resolving known issues and introducing improvements that enhance not only fix bugs but also elevate the overall gameplay mechanics.

Players can easily download the update via platform updates and enjoy the enhanced features it offers. The download process has been optimized to ensure a seamless and trouble-free experience for players, allowing them to swiftly return to the action.

While this update addresses numerous known issues, the developers remain committed to providing continuous game support. Players are encouraged to provide feedback and report any new issues that may arise to help the developers continue to make King of Fighters 15 an extraordinary gaming experience for all fans of the franchise.

In conclusion, King of Fighters 15 Update 2.31 delivers a plethora of improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enrich the overall gaming experience. With specific updates focusing on character animations, gameplay mechanics, and camera issues, players can relish a more immersive and enjoyable fighting game. Additionally, the update brings enhancements to the trials feature, resolving issues with demonstrations. The download and installation process has been streamlined for a seamless experience, and the developers maintain their commitment to supporting the game continuously. King of Fighters 15 remains a dynamic and thrilling gaming experience for players.

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