DayZ Patch Notes 1.61 Update Today on February 21, 2024

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DayZ Update 1.61 is now live for all platforms, including PC. This update introduces various bug fixes, enhancements, and detailed patch notes. The download size may vary depending on your gaming platform. If you’re an active DayZ player, be sure to update to version 1.61 to enjoy the latest improvements and fixes.



  • Vikhr rifle
  • 30rd 9x39mm magazine for the Vikhr, ASVAL and VSS rifles
  • Camouflage variants of the ballistic helmet
  • Updated bookshelves featuring the winning entries from the #DayZBookZ contest
  • Sounds added for crafting improvised clothing from rags
  • Sounds added for crafting base-building kits
  • Sounds added for crafting a bone knife
  • Sounds added for wringing out clothing
  • Sounds added for splitting firewood
  • Sounds added for breaking down bushes with hands
  • Animations for cleaning hands with the cooking pot and gasoline canister
  • Server browser filter for 1st and 3rd person servers
  • Control hints for the in-game map


  • Entering ADS with firearms could cause an unintended switch of the 3rd person camera position
  • The voice settings color did not change correctly when hovered over with a mouse
  • Accepting a server invite while joining another server would not override the ongoing connection attempt
  • Display issue when taking a container with items into hands, showing only the first row of items
  • Descriptive text disappearance of the Livonia DLC in the main menu when switching accounts on Xbox
  • Shoulder triggers not properly switching between inventory containers
  • The heavy melee attack had the wrong key assigned in the settings for keyboard users
  • Weapons could desynchronize when modified outside the player’s network range
  • Item interaction by a player leaving another player’s network bubble could result in item desynchronization
  • Animation glitch that allowed passing below walls faster than intended has been fixed
  • Players could rotate with their dead bodies until respawn
  • All colored skirts appeared blue on female characters
  • Some birch trees offered the option to collect dark bark
  • The lab coat now correctly reflects damage visually
  • Leather duffel bag buttons displayed correctly
  • The blue hoodie was displayed as red in the inventory view
  • The sling bag clipped with most clothing items on the female model
  • Several items appeared oversized in the inventory view
  • Fixed issue where players could shoot through some corners of the base fence
  • Resolved problem where players could get stuck in the blocking position after picking up a firearm


  • Weather in the main menu screen now varies
  • Improved collision checks for weapon raising and accurate collision detection
  • Shock damage of blunt weapons partially affects health damage when fighting infected and animals

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