Warframe Patch Notes 2.26 Update Today on February 21, 2024

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Warframe Update 2.26 is now live for all platforms, including PC. This update focuses on bug fixes, enhancements, and other patch notes. Remember, the update file size may vary depending on your gaming platform. Ensure you update to version 2.26 to enjoy the latest improvements and fixes.


Greetings, Tenno! Introducing Whispers in the Walls: Update 35.1.0, an Interim Cert* update packed with various code changes* and fixes, along with new player path improvements and more!

It’s important to note that while some Quality of Life features mentioned in Devstream #176 are included in this update, not all of them are. Additional improvements are planned for March (such as the Inaros Rework, Arsenal Stat Audit, Archon Shard Expansion, and more) coinciding with the release of Dante Unbound!

*To understand these terms better, refer to the Warframe Lexicon for Updates.

Exciting changes are here to enhance the new player experience! In this update, we have tackled Quest progress hurdles and adjusted the Fortuna Syndicates rank-up requirements to make them more attainable.

Quest Changes

Saya’s Vigil Quest Adjustments:

  • “Locate the Shatter-Lock pieces” stage:
    • The Grineer Armored Vault in the Plains of Eidolon containing one of the Glass Shards for scanning will now be open by default.
      • Previously, players had to interact with the unlock terminal for the doors to open, causing difficulty in finding the Glass Shard. This adjustment aims to make it more visible for players.
    • Repositioned the Glass Shard in the Grineer Armored Vault from a hidden corner to the floor.
    • Added a highlight to the Glass Shard for better visibility.
  • “Board Hek’s Galleon” stage:
    • Reduced enemy levels from 5-8 to 4-5.
    • Lowered the Nox level that players must defeat to progress from 12 to 7.

The Sacrifice Quest Amendments:

  • Included 60x Kuva in the rewards for the “Explore Lua” mission.
    • This addition prevents interruptions in Quest progression as 60x Kuva is needed to craft Excalibur Umbra to advance in the Quest.

Vox Solaris Quest Modifications:

  • “Talk to Thursby in Fortuna” stage: Reduced the Health of the Corpus Spy Drone (from 8,000 to 2,500) needed to shoot down and hack for progress.

Solaris United & Vox Solaris Syndicate Sacrifice Adjustments:
The Rank-up Sacrifices for Solaris United and Vox Solaris have been rebalanced to offer a more accessible experience for players. Additionally, slight tweaks have been made to the Rank requirements for some of Little Duck’s Offerings.

Solaris United Sacrifice Revisions:

  • Rank 1 “Outworlder”
    • Training Deb Bonds – Reduced to 2 (from 13)
  • Rank 2 “Rapscallion”
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (from 15)
    • Training Debt Bonds – Reduced to 2 (from 12)
  • Rank 3 “Doer”
    • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 4 (from 13)
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (from 15)
    • Training Debt Bonds – Reduced to 2 (from 10)
  • Rank 4 “Cove”
    • Advances Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (from 13)
    • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 4 (from 10)
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (from 12)
  • Rank 5 “Old Mate”
    • Familial Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (from 10)
      • Advances Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (from 12)
      • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (from 12)

Vox Solaris Sacrifice Adjustments:

  • Rank 1 “Operative” – No changes made
  • Rank 2 “Agent”
    • Gyromag Systems – Reduced to 1 (from 8)
    • Vega Toroid – Reduced to 1 (from 5)
  • Rank 3 “Hand”
    • Atmo Systems – Reduced to 1 (from 5)
    • Calda Toroid – Reduced to 1 (from 5)
  • Rank 4 “Instrument”
    • Repeller Systems – Reduced to 1 (from 3)
    • Sola Toroid – Reduced to 1 (from 5)
  • Rank 5 “Shadow”
    • Repeller Systems – Removed (previously 3)
    • Crisma Toroid – Reduced to 1 (from 3)

Little Duck’s Offerings Rank Revisions:

  • Adjusted the Vox Solaris Rank requirement for purchasing Gyromag Systems from Rank 3 to Rank 1 and changed Atmos Systems from Rank 3 to Rank 2.
    • This adjustment facilitates players to acquire them with Standing to rank up effectively. The same logic was applied to Repeller Systems for rank requirements, considering their importance for Rank 4 & 5 Sacrifices.

New Venus Junction Reward: “Dreamer’s Bond” Aura Mod
Upon completing the Venus Junction, players will receive a new Aura Mod, Dreamer’s Bond, offering +0.3 Energy Regen/s and +1.5 Health Regen/s to the squad.

The intention behind this addition is to introduce Aura Mods to new players early in the game. Initially assigned the Madurai Polarity, matching the Aura Slot for starter Warframes Mag and Volt (Excalibur has an unassigned Aura Polarity), it will soon be changed to Universal Polarity in the Dante Unbound update, ensuring all Warframes benefit from its effects!

For players who’ve completed the Venus Junction before this update, Dreamer’s Bond will be sent via inbox message upon login following the update download. Additionally, it has been included in the Nightwave Cred Offerings rotation.


  • (Please note: This pack is currently unavailable on PlayStation at the moment, and we’re looking into it – thank you for your patience!) To celebrate the launch of Warframe on iOS, the new Starter Weapon Pack
  • Aeolak Rifle (Max Rank)
  • Serration Mod (Max Rank)
  • 100 Platinum
  • New Somachord songs are now accessible at Varzia’s Prime Resurgence Offerings for Aya! Enjoy the signature themes of these Prime Warframes featured in their respective trailers.
    • Gauss Prime Theme (also known as “Redline”)
    • Grendel Prime Theme
    • Gara Prime Theme
    • Hildryn Prime Theme
    • Hydroid Prime Theme
    • Khora Prime Theme
    • Nekros Prime Theme
    • Nidus Prime Theme
    • Oberon Prime Theme
    • Octavia Prime Theme
    • Revenant Prime Theme
    • Vauban Prime Theme
      • Please note: There might be a slight delay before the Somachord songs appear in Varzia’s Offerings post-update launch!
  • Cross Platform Play/Save Modifications & Fixes:

    • Rectified the issue of being unable to progress in the Awakening Quest after merging an account with completed progress into one that hadn’t finished it yet.
    • Addressed the problem of Exalted Weapons losing progress post-account merger.
      • With a Warframe limited to one Exalted Weapon, the account with more Forma, Rank, and Affinity for the Exalted Weapon now takes priority post-merger, avoiding conflicts.
    • Fixed the warning message during trades with Nintendo Switch accounts, ensuring clarity on trade limitations as per Platform specifications for Cross Platform Trading & Gifting.
    • Ensured proper Host Migration in case the Host is on a Console platform.
    • Adjusted the handling of incubating and equipped Companions post-account merge to prevent having both active simultaneously.
    • Resolved the issue preventing players on other platforms from adding an Xbox player as a friend if the alias contains spaces.
    • Fixed a rare situation where the “You are already logged in. Login here and terminate the other connection?” message would continuously appear post-linking a Console account to a new PC account and using the Companion App.
    • Ensured Operator/Drifter Configs retain customizations after designating a Console account as the primary post-merge. This prevents the copy of customizations from Config A to all other Configs.
      • Subsequent merges will adopt the primary account’s Configs, and existing merges have been restored to the primary account’s Configs.
    • Addressed an issue where having more Loadouts than Loadout Slots post-merge led to functionality loss.
      • This was caused by Loadout Slots from the Initiate Power Pack and Mastery Ranks not transferring during the merge, resulting in an imbalance. Players may adjust Loadouts below the Slot limit to create new ones post-fix.

    Albrecht’s Laboratories Adjustments & Fixes:

    • Enemies hit by Amphor’s AOE now count towards the “Hit Enemies with X Amphor” Alchemy Bounty Challenge.
      • Given the prior challenging requirement for a direct hit, the challenge now considers AOE hits with adjusted target counts:
        • Low tier Bounty: 6 enemies
        • Mid tier Bounty: 12 enemies
        • Higher tier Bounty: 18 enemies
    • Vitreum scanning duration scales based on squad size in the Effervo Assassination mission:
      • Solo player: 30 seconds
      • Two players: 27 seconds
      • Three players: 24 seconds
      • Full squad: 20 seconds (original duration for all squad sizes pre-update)
    • Removed the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” challenge from Alchemy Bounties.
      • Due to insufficient Sarcophages spawns that hindered challenge completion, it’s been removed.
    • Added an eyelid feature to the Vitreum that reacts to various scanning states.
    • Rectified Acolytes spawning in intervals during Steel Path Alchemy missions.
    • Addressed the issue of limited Vitreums activation scaling by Squad size in the Effervo Assassination mission from Sanctum Anatomica’s navigation.
    • Ensured Netracell Keyglyphs equip to the selecting player instead of the nearest one.
    • Resolved Clients seeing Keyglyph names in the Host’s language instead of their own in the item pick-up pop-up.
    • Tweaked the Netracell search radius to gradually decrease post-hacking Pom-3 terminals.
    • Adjusted Netracell objective text layout for a clearer display.
    • Fixed issues with the Exhaustion Keyglyph in Netracell missions causing Energy drain and unintended Bleed Status from Sanguine Keyglyph.
    • Fixed Host migration impacting pressure vents spawning in Alchemy missions post-migration.
    • Addressed Clients swapping to Primary weapon instead of Secondary post-Amphor throws in Alchemy missions with equipped Secondaries.
    • Fixed a section in the Netracell bypassed by Titania in Razorwing post-migration.
    • Corrected enemy spawns outside The Fragmented’s arena post-Host Migration.
    • Aligned with visuals showing Murmur Eyes after expiration and damage effects discontinuing correctly.
    • Optimized audio transmission timings during Persto, Deimos Survival mission terminal hacking.
    • Adjusted audio transmission elements like pacing and frequency in Deimos Assassination (Effervo), Alchemy (Cambire), and Netracell missions.
    • Subtle timing adjustment to Eximus units spawn schedule in Alchemy missions for faster activation.
    • Resolved lighting issue triggering random depth fog pops in Albrecht’s Laboratories.


    • Players are no longer automatically dismounted from their Kaithe near specific objectives in Duviri, receiving a notification to dismount first.
    • Adjusted Riven type drop rates in various missions for more proportional weapon ratios, ensuring fair rewards for players.
    • Centurions and Legatus enemies now reset all active Status Effects transitioning to spectral forms, resolving inconsistencies post-transformation.
    • Refined Tombfinger’s explosion sounds for better audio immersion.
    • Removed the redundant “Arcane” button from the Foundry, with Arcanes now exclusively accessible from the designated Arcane Segment.


    • Optimized level loading and texture streaming for improved load times on systems rendering at 30 FPS.

    Top Fixes:

    • Fixed Operator getting stuck in an infinite Void Blast loop post-Warframe to Operator switch while auto-meleeing, addressing potential gameplay disruptions.
    • Resolved Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability not activating Tennokai as intended, improving gameplay consistency.
    • Corrected Secondary weapon alt-fire activation issues during Glaive dual-wielding, ensuring smoother combat transitions.
    • Addressed display inconsistencies in Arcane Buff icons highlighting actual stats instead of “0” values for specific Arcanes, offering accurate gameplay feedback.
    • Rectified Grimoire’s alt-fire function lacking Multishot Mod benefits, ensuring proper scaling and effectiveness post-patch.
    • Adjusted Zephyr’s Tornadoes damage cap and effects, removing unintended restrictions and enhancing combat mechanics.
    • Prevented unconventional methods for acquiring Melee Combo with negative Melee Combo Duration, ensuring gameplay balance and integrity.
    • Fixed Melee Combo Multiplier limitations for weapons with higher max Multipliers, resolving issues with Combo Counter refreshes and resets.
    • Corrected UI unresponsiveness in the Arsenal’s Upgrades screen post-device switch, maintaining smooth navigation between interfaces.
    • Addressed Melee Animosity malfunctions post-Titania’s Razorwing activation and deactivation, enhancing combat consistency.
    • Rectified Melee Influence unintended buffs on spawned clones from Warframe abilities, ensuring performance stability and preventing crashes.
    • Resolved Primary and Melee Arcanes triggering inappropriately by Secondary Weapons inflating damage output, ensuring proper gameplay balance.
    • Corrected unexpected Last Gasp cancellations, preventing Operator/Drifter deaths and preserving gameplay dynamics.

    General Fixes:

    • Resolved Magus Aggress and Tenacious Bond Mod interaction issues causing buff icons disappearance, securing gameplay consistency.
    • Fixed the inability to alter Polarities on Melee weapons without the Tennokai Segment ownership, ensuring proper weapon customization.
    • Resolved crashes caused by Status Effects dissemination from Melee Influence, ensuring game stability.
    • Corrected Mastery Rank 19 stealth Test anomalies causing gameplay disruptions and failures, maintaining mission integrity.
    • Smoothed out Gauss’ Noble Animation Set loop for seamless animation transitions, improving visual quality.

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