Biomutant set to release on Switch in May

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THQ Nordic announced this Biomutant will also be released for Switch on May 14. In the press release we read accompanying words:

We finally have a release date! Just three years after PC, Xbox and PlayStation players were able to save the world (optional), the critically acclaimed postapocalyptic WungFu openworld roleplaying saga Biomutant is finally coming to Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2024.

A fantastic adventure awaits Biomutant’s everevolving hero, who to this day is still unsure whether he’s more reminiscent of a red panda, a cat or a raccoon. Maybe he is exactly what the players want to see in him. What further sets Biomutant apart from other games is its unique martial arts system that combines melee combat, firearms and powerful mutant abilities.

If you want to survive in the colorful and vibrant, but at the same time dangerous world of Biomutant, you must master all these skills. Take on countless challenges, decide whether to ally with one of the tribes or wage war against them, and encounter countless crazy creatures, some friendly, but many dangerous and vicious. Travel through wild and mysterious lands littered with the remains of a lost civilization. Naturally, questions arise about who these beings were and what led to their demise but what is far more pressing is what will happen in the future to this world and those who populate it today. The power to determine the fate of the world is in your hands and ultimately you will have to decide whether it can survive or must perish.

Mark your calendars for May 14, 2024, when Biomutant will be released for the Nintendo Switch, utilizing unique tilt controls and offering players a seamless openworld experience. See the game in action and check out the latest trailer!

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