Elon Musk Announces Video Support for Twitter Spaces, What You Need to Know

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Elon Musk, the figure behind Twitter (now X), declared on Wednesday that Twitter Spaces, live audio discussions on Twitter, are now equipped for video content. Musk illustrated this by sharing a guide video made by DogeDesigner.

A notable new feature hosts will observe when creating a new Spaces session is the choice to “enable video.” This allows them to utilize their phone’s front or back cameras and opt for either landscape or portrait mode for video transmission.


For now, only hosts have the ability to initiate video, placing them in the spotlight for the audience. Co-hosts and listeners are represented by icons during the broadcast. To view the video, users must join the Spaces session, akin to the process necessary for listening in.

It’s worth noting that the live streaming aspect of X differs from Video Spaces, which permit users to share video with their profile and followers’ feeds. The latter is more akin to the features of the former Periscope app, which Twitter supported in the past during its peak popularity.

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