MacPaw Introduces Setapp as Alternative App Marketplace on iPhone in EU, iOS 17.4 Update

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According to a recent announcement by MacPaw, Setapp will soon be accessible as an alternative app store option for iPhone users in the European Union starting in April. A waitlist is available for those interested in trying out the beta version, and developers keen on joining the platform can submit their applications through the provided link.

To comply with the Digital Markets Act, Apple is implementing several changes in the EU with the upcoming iOS 17.4 update. Among these changes is the introduction of alternative app stores.

Setapp, a renowned subscription-based service popular among Mac users, offers a curated library of numerous top applications for a monthly fee of $9.99. Apps like Ulysses, iStat Menus, Spark Mail, Unite, Yoink, and others are part of this collection. Setapp will be directly accessible on iPhones in the European Union starting from iOS 17.4 and subsequent versions.

The beta version of Setapp Mobile, according to MacPaw, will feature a “carefully selected assortment of apps”:

  • Productivity and Business Tools: Enhance productivity with tools for schedule management, task organization, internet personalization, and more to boost efficiency.

Creative and Design Software enables users to unleash their creativity with intuitive tools designed for various creative tasks such as document creation and photo animation.

Discover apps that aid in forming better habits, staying informed with the latest news, and effectively managing notes and ideas to enhance daily routines. A tip for lifestyle and productivity improvement.

  • Utility Applications: Simplify daily tasks with apps that facilitate file sharing, expense tracking, and idea organization to increase productivity.

Access advanced applications tailored for detailed document searches, comprehensive database management, and other specialized professional tasks.

In the EU, MacPaw is one of the first companies to announce the introduction of an alternative app store for iPhones. Epic Games is also considering a similar move. Setapp users on Mac already enjoy access to various iOS apps utilizing a QR code method, and the alternative app store will offer a more streamlined user experience.

It is expected that Apple will roll out the iOS 17.4 update on or before March 6, the deadline for businesses to adhere to the Digital Markets Act regulations. For more details on the upcoming changes to the App Store and related updates in the EU, you can refer to our previous coverage. These changes do not affect iPadOS in any country or iPads outside the EU region.

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